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Fresh cover art! Releases 18 April!


Weekend contest!

I'm doing some chat and list activity this weekend, so I'm running a contest. Enter to win a copy of my mermaid shifter novella, Salt and Strong Rum. 

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Musings on the role of family in my novellas

I come from a pretty small family. I was an only child, and my parents both lived several hours' drive from their families, so often it was just the three of us. I didn't have very close relationships with my first cousins, even. One set of grandparents lived in Mexico half the year -- the half that included Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas -- so there was always distance there too.

I like to play around with family a lot in my novellas. Sometimes, in the form of an overbearing brother, like inLeBon Dom.

Sometimes it's creating strong parent/child relationships, like Josephine and Josiah in Salt and Strong Rum.

Josiah is Josephine's only parent who's present. He's raised her, given her a trade in their charter boat business, and is basically all the support she has in the world... until she meets Cliff. And, of course, Josiah is the one to convince her to go after Cliff when she doubts the possibility that she can love and be loved.

In Meet the Fin-Laws