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Hiatus Over?

A lot has gone on in my life since I last finished a novella or short story. I won't get into details, but moves, changes at work, and going back to school were all involved. There's one more move ahead, but then I'll be living with something of a cleared calendar and a load of obligations gone. I'm working now to get back into the habit of writing. As a result, I just finished a rough draft today of a mermaid erotic romance. I've done a couple of short stories dealing with shifters, mostly interpretations of specific myths. This is a little more playful, and I already have a sequel sort of outlined if the first book goes over well. Granted, this is not something epic, but it is nice to feel as if I've accomplished something after such a long absence from the scene. I don't have a title yet, but I do hope my readers will keep an eye on my Facebook and my blog. Also, I've rejoined Twitter with the new handle GGWritesErom. Look me up and follow, won't…