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What do you think about having three husbands?


After turning to Genetic Harmony Inc. for a husband, Fila Leonard doesn’t get just one man to meet her needs, but three! Chuck is the consummate handyman around the house, and he looks sexy in a tool belt and nothing else. Charles fills out a business suit to perfection and uses his alpha personality in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. As for Chad, he can seduce a woman in more than one language and turn even the worst cliché into a romantic fantasy.

Fila should be deliriously happy. Instead, she’s having a hard time juggling everyone’s needs. Chuck is cooped up at home all day and anxious for children. Charles is a workaholic, and Chad is angry she hasn’t introduced the three of them to her parents. Oh, yeah, and Fila hasn’t told Mom and Dad about her genetically identical spouses yet.

It’s not easy being a married woman, not even with three perfect mates.

Excerpt (explicit):

“Chad! Oh God.” I grasped the back of his head.

His onyx curls wrapped around my fingers and tickled my thighs as he licked the juices from my opening. Then he puckered his lips over my clit and sucked on it like it was the sweetest treat in the world. My belly clutched, and waves of pleasure tumbled through my womb.

“Please. More.” I was reduced to one-word begging.

I pushed his head closer and ground my hips against his marauding mouth. He redoubled his efforts, alternating between my clit and the weeping opening of my vagina. Speed and pressure increased until I whined with every heavy breath. He used his superior strength to pin my hips so I couldn’t buck him off target.

A warning tremor ran up the walls of my channel—a precursor to the orgasm poised to strike. Although his oral attentions were nothing short of masterful, my climax remained out of reach. The tension still mounted in my core until I was sure it would break me.

Just when I thought I’d die from the strain, Chad did something special with his tongue. He gave my clit a slow, sinuous stroke before spurring it into a rapid flutter. In the same moment, he shoved two fingers into me and pressed up on the perfect spot.

I flew apart. My whole passage clenched and shuddered in bliss, spilling more cream onto his invading fingers. He continued to deliver languorous licks to my clit until the last aftershock of my orgasm faded. The withdrawal of his fingers made me whimper.

“What a picture you make.” Chad stood and looked down at me from the foot of the bed. “I wish I could paint you like this.”

I could only imagine how erotic such a portrait would look, especially since I didn’t have the strength to close my legs.

Very deliberately, he slipped his fingers into his mouth and sucked my juices from them. “Deliziosa.”

He looked pretty delicious himself, especially when he dropped his pants. Chad often went commando, which cut back on the suspense. His cock was as long and hard as I’d ever seen it, so darkly flushed it looked ready to burst. Precum didn’t just well up at the tip; it spilled over the head and glistened in the candlelight.

I sat up for a better look and watched his magnificent cock bob as he climbed back on the bed. The turgid stalk stood proud and erect, especially as he sat in the center of the mattress and held his arms open for me. Eagerness propelled me forward so that my breasts hit his chest at the same time my mouth reclaimed his. I spread my thighs wide to straddle his lap.

Author Bio and Links 

Allie Ritch spends her time wandering around in her own little world in the Southeastern United States. She has an active imagination and loves fantastical elements, including those found in sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy works. Allie enjoys entertaining others through storytelling and has fun spicing things up in erotic romance.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me here, GG!

  2. I love the idea of the book. I've added it to my wish list on amazon! :)
    Congrats and wishes for many sales.

  3. I am reading the book now and thoroughly enjoying it! It is a fun and very sexy read, also quite touching at times. You did a great job, Allie! Congratulations!

    1. Yay! Thanks so much, Nona. I'm so happy you're enjoying the book.

  4. This sounds like such a fabulous story! I already have a copy, and look forward to reading it. All the best with your new release, Allie! :)

    1. Thank you, Jessica. I hope you enjoy the book.


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