Missed my newsletter? Here's some info on Marie Laveau

There is a myth surrounding Marie Laveau’s tomb that plays a role in Laisser le Rouleau du Bon Dom. The legend states that if you mark it with an X, make a wish, and leave an offering, the spirit of Marie Laveau will answer your prayer. Of course, the tomb is protected now. Marking it is considered vandalism, but that doesn’t stop people trying each year. Her tomb can be visited on one of the cemetery tours that leave the French Quarter each day. It’s best to go with a guide rather than trying to see it alone.

Laveau was such a powerful voodoo queen—and some say spy—that followers raised her pretty much to the level of the loa, a god. Her daughter even pretended to be her after her death, making people think she did not age.

More details can be found at this article at the Nicholls State Web site.


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