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Blog tour guest coming up

I'll be hosting Symphony and his new book Office Fantasies: Cover Blown on my blog on Leap Day, February 29. There will be an opportunity for those who leave a comment to win a $25 gift certificate.

In the meantime, check out his Web page:

Back on track

I'm finding it hard to get back on track. Since October, things have been pretty slow around here in the writing department. I was supposed to be working on From Lucha with Love, but that sort of fell by the wayside. I had a pretty good idea for a new story a couple of days ago, but even after outlining the entire thing and writing the first page of chapter one, I sort of lost steam there too. I'm doing things the same way I've always done them -- a process that has worked for a few years now -- but for some reason things aren't quite working out. I'm sure the holidays didn't help.
In the meantime, I'm over at, helping out with Editpalooza. This month-long program helps writers work through a book they want to get published. I had quite a bit of fun with this last year, and this year promises to be really interesting as well.