Short Story: Company Picnic Part Two

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Company Picnic Part Two
By G.G. Royale

They found a shady spot under a tree, and Diesel -- that’s what he said to him -- spread out the blanket from his bedroll. Reina couldn’t control herself, but at least she’d managed to get him away from the crowd before she attacked him. Her employees could move into the enclosure as she kept Diesel...occupied.

And she intended to keep him occupied for quite a while.

She stripped him of his clothes first, taking the time to get to know his body. She expected him to be fit underneath all the leather, but maybe not so clean. He actually surprised her. He smelled of soap with a little tinge of the road about him. She inhaled deeply as she ran her hands down his now-bare chest. She let her wolf senses take him all in. She even felt her teeth sharpen at the idea of biting and rending, but she had other, more pressing appetites that needed filling today.

He lay naked now in front of her on the blanket, the dappled sun shining through the trees painting his body in a mosaic of light and shadow.

Reina’s gaze focused on his cock, its huge, red-helmeted head bathed in a square of light. He already stood erect. Reina smiled. She liked an eager man, one that could keep up with her own appetites.

Reina undressed next, making sure her designer clothes landed on the edge of the mattress. When she’d finished, she heard the reclining man give a whistle of appreciation. Her wolfish side kept her human body lithe without working out much; she knew she looked good, smooth and soft where she should be, flat and trim in the right places too.

She was already damp with anticipation, but now that Diesel’s hot gaze raked over her body, she grew even wetter.

Humans make her ill, and she was not in heat, so conception was out of the question as well. The affliction of lycanthropy definitely had its benefits. He didn’t seem to be worried either, which maybe should have given Reina pause, but she ignored it.

Reina didn’t know what she wanted to do first: taste him, ride him until she screamed, and just let him have his way with her.

Ah, but then she landed on the thing she wanted most, and her breast heaved with her breaths as the anticipation grew. She could feel the wolf just below her skin, prickling, wanting to get out. Reina sometimes regretted that her sexual being and her wolf seemed to inexorably linked. Now was not one of those times.

She flashed Diesel what she knew was a wicked grin, took one last deep breath -- lifting her bare breasts for best effect -- and turned. She raced for the trees, naked, barefoot, wind whipping through her hair.

She slid behind a tree and stopped. She wanted to get caught. She didn’t want to make it too hard for him. The bark of the tree cut into the skin of her back, and the feeling only compounded the arousal she felt.

She listened, tasted the air, wondering how far back he followed, but she could not detect him.

An arm locked around her chest, and she felt his hot breath in her ear.

“How did you --”

How did he? No man should be able to sneak up on her.

He spun her to face him. “Easy, lobita.”

Reina gasped. He knew what she was.

“It’s my job.” He grinned. “Usually I don’t enjoy it this much.”

He leaned down and kissed her, but fear filled Reina now.

Who is this man? But as the kiss heated her, her fear melted away, and her desire took control again.


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