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Short Story: Company Picnic Part Two

Check my last blog post for the first part of the story.

And check in again soon for the next installment!

Company Picnic Part Two By G.G. Royale

They found a shady spot under a tree, and Diesel -- that’s what he said to him -- spread out the blanket from his bedroll. Reina couldn’t control herself, but at least she’d managed to get him away from the crowd before she attacked him. Her employees could move into the enclosure as she kept Diesel...occupied.

And she intended to keep him occupied for quite a while.

She stripped him of his clothes first, taking the time to get to know his body. She expected him to be fit underneath all the leather, but maybe not so clean. He actually surprised her. He smelled of soap with a little tinge of the road about him. She inhaled deeply as she ran her hands down his now-bare chest. She let her wolf senses take him all in. She even felt her teeth sharpen at the idea of biting and rending, but she had other, more pressing appetites that needed filling today…