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Short Story: Company Picnic Part One

I love hitting random story generators when I have to turn out a little flash fiction for my blog, newsletter, or chat events.

This time, I visited the Seventh Sanctum Romance generator and, after a few tries, got this prompt:

In this story, an operations manager from an unusual family line attends a social event and meets a bitter rascal. What starts as loathing soon turns into obsessive love.

I thought I could make that work for my freebie this week, so here it goes.

Company Picnic

By G.G. Royale

Reina scowled as the limo pulled up to the reserved picnic enclosure. Balloons, crepe paper, a giant “Welcome” banner. Hell, the coordinator had even hired a bounce castle for the kids.

This was the worst day all year for her business: the company picnic. She didn’t mind mingling with the employees or lavishing meaningless praise on their children, but she did find it the hardest here to keep under control. The park was mostly forest, and its cool depths called to her, enticing her to throw off he…