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New Ebook Short Coming Soon

Some of you  may recall a story I had placed last year -- or maybe even the year before that -- in an anthology. Well, the anthology never went anywhere, so I was lucky enough to get the story placed at New Line Press.

Today I got the cover, which is awesome. It's slated to come out at the beginning of next month.

This story is based on the legend of a type of banshee called the washerwoman. If one saw her washing his or her clothes, one knew death was just around the corner.

At the Romance Review Lounge tomorrow

I'll be spending the day -- on and off while working on my WIP -- at the Romance Review Lounge tomorrow. I would love for y'all to stop by, ask me some questions, read some blurbs... Whatever.


New WIP well under way

I hit the five thousand word mark and started into chapter three of my latest WIP today, Cirque Erotique: Animal Tamer. I've hit a point where now I know I need to go back and load in some heat between my hero and the heroine. He's had his heart broken before, and she's in a situation that has her shocked and vulnerable, but I still think they need to notice each other on a romantic level. Just a little bit.

I should take a moment to plug my Fourth of July story from last year, "Jake's Alchemy." If you missed it, why not pick it up here for a quick Independence Day read?