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It's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I posted last. That's because I was finishing up my latest book for Loose Id, Queen's for a Day. It's already been accepted, and I hope to see it out in the fall.

This last week I also received a formal invitation to submit to Ellora's Cave. That's quite exciting for me. I'm working on an outline for a series that has been brewing in my head for them. I anticipate the first book will be my longest work to date. I'm working in a subplot and everything! This is going to be an urban fantasy with some shifter elements, and of course a little BDSM. This time on the domestic servitude side of things. I think it's going to be super hot!

Finally, my next newsletter will come out on 1 July. This time I'm bringing you a flash story I co-wrote with a contest winner. It's perfect for summer!