Spring Cleaning -- F/F Spanking Flash!

Spring Cleaning
By G.G. Royale

Kim set down her caddy of cleaning supplies and knocked on the apartment door. Her supervisor had told her the owner would be in when she came to clean. Kim waited patiently, straining to hear any sounds coming from within, but nothing reached her ears. She wondered briefly if she had the right place, but it was the only penthouse in the small building, and she knew she couldn’t have gotten the address wrong.

She stooped to pick up her caddy when the door swung silently open. Kim saw thick white carpet and feet in marabou feather slippers first. Then, as she raised her gaze, tanned legs, the hem of a white sundress or maybe even a nightie, an ample chest straining against the fabric, and then the perfectly made-up face of the woman who had to own the place. Kim swallowed, then straightened, bringing her caddy up with her.

“You must be the girl the agency sent for the spring cleaning,” the woman said. “You may call me Reina. I think you’ll do.”

Kim stepped into the apartment, and the woman closed the door behind her.

“Remove your shoes. You’ll work without them.”

Kim could understand why. The entire place -- even the small lap dog that now came running in from the other room -- was perfectly white. She kicked her loafers off by the door and felt the lush carpet beneath her feet. She wiggled her toes just a little, hopefully not too obviously.

“Just a basic dusting and rub -- I mean wipe-down,” the woman was saying.

Kim didn’t know what she could possibly do. The place appeared immaculate.

“I’ll be in the study when you’re done. Come find me there.” Kim watched as Reina -- her lovely ass swaying -- retreated down the hall. The little dog ran after.

Kim felt a flush creep over her body. She didn’t normally react that way to women, but something about Reina intrigued her. Maybe it was the way she carried herself, or the taste she had in decorating.

The rest of the house -- which Kim cleaned in no  time because it was already spotless -- spoke of decadence and control. Every item had a place, each piece of furniture arranged to its best advantage in the pristine rooms.

When Kim finished, she placed her caddy by the door and reported to the study as she’d been commanded, she figured simply to get paid. Commanded? Really? But she could think of no other word to describe it.

She tapped on the partially-opened door, and then pushed in.

Reina sat on an antique white loveseat, a glass of red wine in her hand which stood out remarkably against the pallor of everything else.

“Finished?” she asked, her voice sounding almost breathless.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“No, you’re not.” She reached out her slender arm and poured the glass of wine onto the patch of carpet in front of her.

Kim couldn’t help but gasp. She would never be able to get that out.

“Clean the carpet, girl.”

Kim turned to get her supplies from beside the front door.

“No,” the woman told her sharply. “Use the hem of your skirt.”

What? She cleaned in these clothes, not with them.

“I’ll pay for them to get cleaned.” The woman sounded impatient. Kim decided it didn’t matter one way or the other. The skirt had come from the thrift store anyway. She tried to look confident as she approached the couch, but something didn’t feel right about this situation. She worried if she did a bad job that Reina would report her to the agency. She needed the money. She knelt down on the carpet and positioned herself over the wine. She bunched the hem of her skirt in her hands and began to use it to dab at the spill.

“You’ll have to work harder than that,” Reina hissed.

Kim began scrubbing at it with both hands. She raised up off her calves so she could put more force into it. She felt the edge of her skirt riding up the back of her thighs.

“You’re only making it worse.”

Kim held her tongue. She didn’t want to lose her job, but the woman was scaring her.

Then she felt Reina’s hand on her back. It skimmed down toward the waistband of her skirt. Kim swallowed.

“What are you doing?” she finally asked.

“Focus on the stain.” The woman’s soft touch contrasted with her harsh tone. Kim’s heart began beating faster. She didn’t know what would happen. She felt exceedingly uncomfortable, but also...excited? That can’t be. But it was. The touch of the woman had started something churning in Kim’s womb -- the good kind of churning, the kind that led to...

Oh God. She tried to move away, but then the touch became more firm on her back.

“Do as you’re told,” Reina said. A finger slipped between Kim’s skin and the waist of her skirt.

Then her skirt was pushed to the floor.

“Please,” Kim murmured.

“Shush. You’re not being very good, are you?” She heard the woman chuckled softly. “Nice panties.” She rubbed her hand over the globe of Kim’s ass, and the thin fabric did nothing to block the heat radiating between the flesh. Then the touch vanished. Kim stilled for a moment, unsure what to do. Should she straighten her skirt and leave, or --

Thwack! A hard, sharp slap landed on Kim’s rump.

She shied away, pulling back and clutching her skirt against her body, but her pussy dampened almost instantly. Kim couldn’t explain her confused reactions, but it seemed Reina could read her clearly.

“Don’t play coy. You liked that. Come here.” She pointed at the spot in front of her again. “Hands and knees.”

And Kim did just as she was told, hardly believing it. She received three more swats on the ass, and she felt her panties growing even wetter.

With one hand, Reina massaged her ass, and with the other, she reached down and around, slipping her fingers into Kim’s panties at the front. Kim hissed as the fingers dipped into her.

“I knew you liked it,” Reina said. “You’re all wet. You’ll come for me, won’t you?” Her voice came low and hot against Reina’s ear. She couldn’t refuse. She nodded, feeling shamed and aroused in equal portions.

Reina’s fingers worked furiously against Kim’s clit as she spanked her from behind. The stings of pain mixed with the intense friction had Kim climbing toward orgasm faster than she ever had. She breathed in great ragged drafts of air and prayed it would end soon while also not wanting it to ever end.

“Yes,” Reina said over and over. Kim thought the woman herself sounded close to coming, though how could she with both hands on Kim?

Then Kim felt a bite on her ear, and that last small pain sent her over the edge, spiraling down in a cataclysmic orgasm that threatened to destroy her, to cause her very being to shatter apart into dust and nothingness.

She collapsed on the floor, her breast heaving.

Through slitted eyes, she watched Reina lean back against the couch, raise the fingers she’d had in Kim up to her lips, and lick.

Reina shuddered and closed her eyes.

The next week, the agency sent her back. She did not argue. When she entered the study to accept her payment, she saw no wine stain on the rug, but Reina had another glass clutched in her hand. She smiled wickedly and beckoned Kim in with a crocked finger.


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