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New release for a new Loose Id author

One of my author's has her first release with Loose Id coming out this Tuesday. No Apologies is a very emotional read about two men that originally meet at boarding school.

Tibby Armstrong is a great writer to work with, and I hope this is not the first title we'll be seeing from her at Loose Id.

The Teaser Blurb
When a reluctant friendship blossoms into a forbidden romance, can screenwriter Greg Falkner and his longtime partner Aaron Blake find their way to love through big screen success with No Apologies?

Spring Cleaning -- F/F Spanking Flash!

Spring Cleaning By G.G. Royale
Kim set down her caddy of cleaning supplies and knocked on the apartment door. Her supervisor had told her the owner would be in when she came to clean. Kim waited patiently, straining to hear any sounds coming from within, but nothing reached her ears. She wondered briefly if she had the right place, but it was the only penthouse in the small building, and she knew she couldn’t have gotten the address wrong.

She stooped to pick up her caddy when the door swung silently open. Kim saw thick white carpet and feet in marabou feather slippers first. Then, as she raised her gaze, tanned legs, the hem of a white sundress or maybe even a nightie, an ample chest straining against the fabric, and then the perfectly made-up face of the woman who had to own the place. Kim swallowed, then straightened, bringing her caddy up with her.

“You must be the girl the agency sent for the spring cleaning,” the woman said. “You may call me Reina. I think you’ll do.”

Kim stepped int…