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I've been working hard this weekend thinking of things to entertain all y'all. First this weekend, I did edits on Necessary Roughness, which will release 22 March. I also sent of the cover art request today. I can't wait to see what I get back for that. I've been also thinking up some sequel ideas for that. Older female flight attendant and fresh, young quarterback? Female charter boat captain and defensive tackle? Pipsqueak sports agent and closeted fitness trainer? I'm not sure which to "tackle" first -- get it? Any ideas?

February I'm doing something special for my readers. On the first, everyone subscribed to my newsletter will get the first half of a brand new short story I'm writing for Valentine's Day. Then on the thirteenth, which is Loose Id's next chat at the Yahoo group Love Romances Cafe, I'll post the conclusion to the story! If you haven't subscribed to my newsletter, you totally should. You won't want to miss the build up. And, if you're a reader of romance and erom, you really ought to join Love Romances Cafe. Lots goes on around there!

That's all for now. My writing goal for today is 2975 words, and I've got 2700 to go.


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