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Giving this Holiday Season

This year's emphasis on Black Friday seemed way too over the top for my taste. I don't tend to leave the house on that day, and with the stores opening on Thanksgiving so "you don't have to wait in line" and expecting employees to come in at midnight Friday morning, thereby jeopardizing their Thanksgiving with their family... I couldn't handle it.

This year, for those gathering at my house for Christmas, we had rules. The total amount spent on each person could not exceed $50, and the items had to be "consumable" -- interpret that as you will.
For those friends and relatives away this holiday season, we made donations in their names to Heifer International. We donated enough for honey bees and a share of fish to stock ponds in parts of the world that don't have as much as we do.
Some other things you might consider doing this year that could support your community and help you avoid the congested big box stores and malls as you make that last ma…

Twitpitch Sunday

I'll be one of the editors at the evening session!

How would you like to be published with Loose Id? Do you have a completed erotic romance manuscript you're ready to submit to publishers? Would you like feedback immediately as to whether your manuscript may work for Loose Id? If so, you should join the editors of Loose Id on Sunday, December 11, for our second Twitpitch. Here's how it works.
Log in to Twitter between 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m. or during our second session from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Both sessions are eastern time, U.S.
Send out your pitch with the hashtag #LIpitch.
Editors will be tracking the trend. If one is interested, she will @you with questions or private message you with submission instructions.
If you don't hear from an editor, feel free to submit via our traditional submission system:

Remember at this time we are only looking for completed, erotic romance manuscripts.

For more information about Loose Id, check out http:…

Thankful for Six Sentence Sunday

In the US, November is always a time to look back and reflect on the year and everything that we are thankful for. Some of us do it because of Thanksgiving, some of us do it to prepare for our Christmas newsletters, and for some the thoughtfulness is prompted by the shortening days and cooler weather.

So today I'd thought I'd come up with a list of six things I'm thankful for when it come to my writing.

I am thankful for all the publishers that have taken a chance on me. I've made it through some very tight times these last two years, and if I hadn't had that little bit of money coming in from my writing, I may not be in the stable place I am today. Sometimes my royalties bought my groceries for a week or two, sometimes they made up the difference on the house note. Needless to say I don't make the sales that some of my cohorts do, but I will never take for granted what comes in at the end of the month or the end of the quarter!I am thankful for my editors, part…

New Cover Art!

I got my cover art for Queen's for a Day today! I love it, and it fits so nicely with the other Kittengirls titles. Look for the release 15 November here.

Also, join the Romance Reviews Year End Splash party (see picture and link to the right) to win a copy!

Short Story: Company Picnic Part Two

Check my last blog post for the first part of the story.

And check in again soon for the next installment!

Company Picnic Part Two By G.G. Royale

They found a shady spot under a tree, and Diesel -- that’s what he said to him -- spread out the blanket from his bedroll. Reina couldn’t control herself, but at least she’d managed to get him away from the crowd before she attacked him. Her employees could move into the enclosure as she kept Diesel...occupied.

And she intended to keep him occupied for quite a while.

She stripped him of his clothes first, taking the time to get to know his body. She expected him to be fit underneath all the leather, but maybe not so clean. He actually surprised her. He smelled of soap with a little tinge of the road about him. She inhaled deeply as she ran her hands down his now-bare chest. She let her wolf senses take him all in. She even felt her teeth sharpen at the idea of biting and rending, but she had other, more pressing appetites that needed filling today…

Short Story: Company Picnic Part One

I love hitting random story generators when I have to turn out a little flash fiction for my blog, newsletter, or chat events.

This time, I visited the Seventh Sanctum Romance generator and, after a few tries, got this prompt:

In this story, an operations manager from an unusual family line attends a social event and meets a bitter rascal. What starts as loathing soon turns into obsessive love.

I thought I could make that work for my freebie this week, so here it goes.

Company Picnic

By G.G. Royale

Reina scowled as the limo pulled up to the reserved picnic enclosure. Balloons, crepe paper, a giant “Welcome” banner. Hell, the coordinator had even hired a bounce castle for the kids.

This was the worst day all year for her business: the company picnic. She didn’t mind mingling with the employees or lavishing meaningless praise on their children, but she did find it the hardest here to keep under control. The park was mostly forest, and its cool depths called to her, enticing her to throw off he…

New Ebook Short Coming Soon

Some of you  may recall a story I had placed last year -- or maybe even the year before that -- in an anthology. Well, the anthology never went anywhere, so I was lucky enough to get the story placed at New Line Press.

Today I got the cover, which is awesome. It's slated to come out at the beginning of next month.

This story is based on the legend of a type of banshee called the washerwoman. If one saw her washing his or her clothes, one knew death was just around the corner.

At the Romance Review Lounge tomorrow

I'll be spending the day -- on and off while working on my WIP -- at the Romance Review Lounge tomorrow. I would love for y'all to stop by, ask me some questions, read some blurbs... Whatever.


New WIP well under way

I hit the five thousand word mark and started into chapter three of my latest WIP today, Cirque Erotique: Animal Tamer. I've hit a point where now I know I need to go back and load in some heat between my hero and the heroine. He's had his heart broken before, and she's in a situation that has her shocked and vulnerable, but I still think they need to notice each other on a romantic level. Just a little bit.

I should take a moment to plug my Fourth of July story from last year, "Jake's Alchemy." If you missed it, why not pick it up here for a quick Independence Day read?

It's been a while...

I know it's been a while since I posted last. That's because I was finishing up my latest book for Loose Id, Queen's for a Day. It's already been accepted, and I hope to see it out in the fall.

This last week I also received a formal invitation to submit to Ellora's Cave. That's quite exciting for me. I'm working on an outline for a series that has been brewing in my head for them. I anticipate the first book will be my longest work to date. I'm working in a subplot and everything! This is going to be an urban fantasy with some shifter elements, and of course a little BDSM. This time on the domestic servitude side of things. I think it's going to be super hot!

Finally, my next newsletter will come out on 1 July. This time I'm bringing you a flash story I co-wrote with a contest winner. It's perfect for summer!

May Day and the promise of mild months

I keep trying to sit down and write a blog post today, but it's my last day of spring break and horror movies are playing all day on SyFy. Right now, it's Wes Craven Presents Dracula Three. Jason Scott Lee plays a priest bent on killing Dracula. It's hard for me to stay away from kung fu horror movies specifically, though I haven't seen Lee bust out too many awesome moves yet. I hope they are still to come.

I guess it's sort of fitting that my last day of break is May Day. Labor Day in many countries, Beltane to some, Walpurgisnacht to others. I'm definitely doing the protest against work thing today, but I will have to go unload the dryer and load the dishwasher at some point.

May Day is also my wedding anniversary. I was thrilled that I got to plan my wedding on a May 1 that fell on a Saturday. It was serendipity, and some days it feels like we are still in the honeymoon phase. Do I have a secret to a happy marriage? Let me see if I can name six for Six Thing…

New release for a new Loose Id author

One of my author's has her first release with Loose Id coming out this Tuesday. No Apologies is a very emotional read about two men that originally meet at boarding school.

Tibby Armstrong is a great writer to work with, and I hope this is not the first title we'll be seeing from her at Loose Id.

The Teaser Blurb
When a reluctant friendship blossoms into a forbidden romance, can screenwriter Greg Falkner and his longtime partner Aaron Blake find their way to love through big screen success with No Apologies?

Spring Cleaning -- F/F Spanking Flash!

Spring Cleaning By G.G. Royale
Kim set down her caddy of cleaning supplies and knocked on the apartment door. Her supervisor had told her the owner would be in when she came to clean. Kim waited patiently, straining to hear any sounds coming from within, but nothing reached her ears. She wondered briefly if she had the right place, but it was the only penthouse in the small building, and she knew she couldn’t have gotten the address wrong.

She stooped to pick up her caddy when the door swung silently open. Kim saw thick white carpet and feet in marabou feather slippers first. Then, as she raised her gaze, tanned legs, the hem of a white sundress or maybe even a nightie, an ample chest straining against the fabric, and then the perfectly made-up face of the woman who had to own the place. Kim swallowed, then straightened, bringing her caddy up with her.

“You must be the girl the agency sent for the spring cleaning,” the woman said. “You may call me Reina. I think you’ll do.”

Kim stepped int…

Life's a Drag

The hero of my latest story, Queen's for a Day, is literally kicking my ass all up and down this computer. She is one demanding, fierce queen. Right now, she's holding a hot pink acrylic school cane that's glowing under the black lights, and I'm afraid to see what she's going to do with it. She's batting those long, false eyelashes. The club is so silent I can hear the leather of her corset creaking.

And that poor boy bent over the back of that chair...

Can someone get me a drink? Vodka collins preferably. I'm going to need it.

New Release Today!

Necessary Roughness released today. I'm so thrilled. Levi is probably my favorite hero to date. I hope you love him too! I'm already thinking what kind of mischief I can get him in were I to write a sequel. Maybe a buddy-type storyline, with Levi helping someone else find a girl.

Cover Art for Necessary Roughness

Here is the cover art for Necessary Roughness, which releases 22 March with Loose Id.

Football? Interracial? BDSM? It's got a little something for everyone!

Latest Synopsis Sent Out

I sent out the synopsis of my next story to my editor today. It's a gender-bending, BDSMing, hard-partying M/M erom that I hope I nail big time! I'm almost afraid of even starting it because I totally want to do justice to the character I have in my head, Mistress Fanny Ferula, the Caning Queen of Cleveland. She is the most daring, dominating, drag queen domme you can imagine who wins the heart of timid little Gel from Kittengirls and My Two Doms. I actually haven't been this invested in a concept since Kittengirls, and that has been to date my most well received story, so I'm hopeful I can bring the same panache to this.

In the mean time, I'm finally reading one of the Gor books. I've never done this, and from what I've heard they are mostly geared to adolescent boys, but I like the old heavy metal fantasy, and the covers on these tend to be hot in that Conan style, so I'll give the first one a go. I know there are a lot of them.

I'm also doing som…