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Necessary Roughness finished!

I'm so happy that I got Necessary Roughness finished in time to take December off! Just a few days to edit and I'll send it off to my editor.

This story definitely is already calling for at least one sequel. I'm thinking Josh, Tiffany, and Chrissie, but I'm not sure how to work that out... We'll see.

Tuesday, Rumpledsilksheets is supposed to release with Ravenous Romance. I'm hoping it will show up here: My story, "The White Bride," is in that, so I hope you'll check it out.

A little holiday reading to tide you over

Would you like a little light, sensual, and sweet holiday reading to "tide" you over until Yule? Why not check out my self-published short, "The Longest Night?" It came out last year, and is a fairytale based on Norse mythology about a trip into the woods on the longest night of the year. It was thought that this night was the most magical of all, and that people could even understand the speech of animals, if they took the time to listen. It's only ninety-nine cents!
If you would like something more hot and contemporary for your holiday reading this year, then you need to check out my 14 December holiday release with Loose Id. The Adoration of Addana is an interracial erotic romance set during the first December after Hurricane Katrina.
Parts of the Holy Cross neighborhood, where this story is set, have still not been rebuilt. If you are feeling particularly generous, please donate to Habitat for Humanity, with your money targeted to the New Orleans area.

Sweet New Memory by Ralph Greco Jr.

Here's a short bit of fiction to heat up your day. It was originally featured in my newsletter for the month of November. If you'd like to get the newsletter, make sure you visit the link to the right.
A Sweet New MemoryBy Ralph Greco Jr.
You can’t play with the past.
You can trick your memory, hide some evidence, burn pictures even, but the past “be what it be,” and no matter how much you try to disregard or forget, stuff still leaks through. When I saw those damn legwarmers at the dancewear outlet, my past came back to bite me on the ass. And seeing how I had just begun to date Stu again, my first-ever boyfriend, the sight of the legwarmers brought a memory blush to my high cheekbones. I had to run clear cross the store to hide from my daughter, Stephanie.
 My friends and I were a lot less sexually aware then teenage girls today; Stephanie wears her jeans so low not a single boy in her high-school exists who couldn’t tell you the color of her thong on any given day. My girlfri…

Would you like to write for Loose Id?

A new call for submissions just went out, and it's active until August of next year. It definitely has already sparked some ideas in my head. Here's a look at the call. I hope you submit!

Whether it's James Bond in Monte Carlo or Batman on the rooftops of Gotham, women (and men!) love a man with an air of intrigue about him. Secrets are sexy; they're the black lingerie of the mind. Give us just the tiniest hint and we will lean all the way forward across the table for just one tiny hint more.  This fall, Loose Id's looking to capture that allure with a collection of surprising and suspenseful stories of these men and the lovers who get them to tell all Bring us your spies and undercover cops, your SEALS and assassins, your con men and bodyguards, your jewel thieves and the detectives who hunt them.  We're looking for novel length stories of 55,000 to 75,000 words of mystery and romantic suspense where the romance and the sex play an integral role in the story. Thi…