New Titles

It really is difficult to come up with titles. My holiday story had to be renamed because it had too much of a religious connotation. I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to come up with alternatives that didn't sound too much like other Christmas releases. It's natural to want to go right to using Christmas carol lyrics, tweaking them here and there to make them sound sexy or fresh. Unfortunately, my holiday release didn't really fit that standard method, since it's not really light-hearted, but more gritty and real. I didn't want to altogether abandon having some hint of the holiday season in the title, but it couldn't be kitschy at all. The first two I turned in didn't work at all. Now I'm waiting on the third, which has a soft holiday reference, a double meaning that fits the story, and alliteration, so I'm hoping it works.

Generally, my titles start as puns somehow related to the plot. Most of the time, they work. Today, though, I had to come up with an alternative method. I started listing words that had something to do with the story: themes, adjectives, important nouns. Then I started stringing them together. I've never had to use a system before.

Does anyone else have a way to come up with killer titles?


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