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Fall is Finally Here!

Ah! It didn't even get out of the 80's today. That was probably helped out a bit by the rain, but I'm not going to complain.

Right now I'm between projects, working on October's newsletter, and trying to think of what to start next. My mind has definitely been other places lately. Usually, to come up with something, I hit the Duotrope listings and do the first thing that catches my eye... Let's see...

There's this call from Cleis, or this sounds fun, though it doesn't pay at all. Or maybe this erotic horror call.

Once I get a few short stories out, I should be able to get back into the swing of another longer work.

New Titles

It really is difficult to come up with titles. My holiday story had to be renamed because it had too much of a religious connotation. I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to come up with alternatives that didn't sound too much like other Christmas releases. It's natural to want to go right to using Christmas carol lyrics, tweaking them here and there to make them sound sexy or fresh. Unfortunately, my holiday release didn't really fit that standard method, since it's not really light-hearted, but more gritty and real. I didn't want to altogether abandon having some hint of the holiday season in the title, but it couldn't be kitschy at all. The first two I turned in didn't work at all. Now I'm waiting on the third, which has a soft holiday reference, a double meaning that fits the story, and alliteration, so I'm hoping it works.

Generally, my titles start as puns somehow related to the plot. Most of the time, they work. Today, though, I ha…

Hosting Michelle Picard

I'll be hosting Michelle Picard on October 4 here at the blog. Her sequel to Ruling Eden has recently released, and she's on a virtual book tour.

I always love demon/ angel lover stories...

So I hope you'll join me on the fourth to leave a comment. I think there may be some prizes involved...

Taking a break

I have had so much going on this summer -- and headed into fall -- that I'm shamelessly taking a break. I'm going to sit in the back yard, drink pina coladas, and play cribbage.

Mainly, I will be promoting everything that's already out there while I decide what to try next. Maybe it will be that elusive full-length novel. Maybe not. I'm not really sure at this point, but I do know it's going to take me a little time to figure it out.

Every Night Erotica | Sexy stories free for everyone.

Every Night Erotica | Sexy stories free for everyone. Please rate my story, "Stranded and Restrained" on Every Night Erotica. I liked writing this story enough that I think I may use it to start a series or even a novella once my busy schedule calms down.

Carnal Desires Publishing: Sophisticated Erotic Literature

Lilith's Daughter at Carnal Desires Publishing: Sophisticated Erotic Literature
The very first erotica romance I ever attempted is up for sale at Carnal Desires today. I loved this story. It's one of my favorite concepts. I took some freedom with the mythology on which it is based, but I hope you'll allow me some creative license.