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Katrina, Five Years Later

Most of who I am as a writer is thanks to my last eight years living here in New Orleans. There are many places in this world where you can never own "local" status; you have to have been born there. New Orleans is not one of those places. New Orleanians love creative, hedonistic people who are open minded, gregarious, and jovial. If you wear those qualities out in the open for all the world to witness, and can put up for, oh, two years with all the things wrong in this city, then you're local. Any native-born New Orleanian will tell you that as he raises his glass to toast you. Often this will be followed with a comment like, "Well, then you know."

Katrina added more depth. If you lived here "before the storm" and then came back, that definitely raised your status. If someone asks you, "How long have you lived here?" and you can answer, "Eight years," or seven, or six, then that will always lead into the conversations of "Whe…

Big Month Coming Up

I've got a huge month for releases coming up. To start off, I've go two shorts coming. First, on 31 August, "Vampire Menage" will come out with New Line Press. Then, on 8 September, my male/ male short with Dreamspinner will release.
Finally, toward the end of the month, the first erotic romance I ever wrote, Lilith's Daughter, will release with Carnal Desires publishing. I'm so thrilled to see it come out!
In the meantime, I'm working hard on one final novelette before I take a three-month hiatus from writing. Don't worry; I still have an October and December release with Loose Id.

Be One of the First!

"A Hot Summer's Day" is available on Kindle now through the Amazon Kindle store! This BDSM short has been released by New Line Press. I know I've already said it, but I totally loved this cover art.
I wrote this story a long time ago and just sort of sat on it. I'm not sure why I didn't submit it sooner, but the people at New Line have been so classy to work with that, when they wanted something else from me, I knew this would be the one to send along. I was glad I could offer them something hot.
I think I could follow it up with another victim stopping in at Gina's...maybe two this time. I wonder what she'd do with a couple? Or maybe a carload of frat boys? Or maybe a couple of other girls on a road trip?
Heck, I'll probably get around to all of them!
In other news, I'll have a story up at tomorrow, so you should check that out too. Read the freebie, and then buy the ebook. Make a G.G. sort of day.


First off, The Flapper and the Fellow is now up at Amazon, so if you were waiting to get it for your Kindle there, now you can. If you read it, please do drop me a line on my Contact page at my site. I would love to know what you honestly thought. So far, I've had no reviews and only one rating at Fictionwise, so I'd like to know what, if anything, I need to do differently on the next title. I was thinking of writing T-Bone's story too. Would you like that?

Second, my next ebook short, "A Hot Summer's Day," releases next week with New Line Press. I was totally thrilled with the cover they made for this BDSM erotica. I think I used to own those boots...