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I recently posted a listing on Duotrope to get short, erotic romance stories to publish here and in my monthly newsletter. This is mostly a cross-promotional venture, hoping to get writers to share their audiences with me and vice-versa. Of course, doing something like that means opening myself up to the slush pile. There's been a lot of talk about slush piles lately on the literature journal blogs. A lot of disappointed editors have been less than thrilled with the quality of submissions.

I have to say, I'm about to join them, but I think I need to complain about myself rather than the writers. First I thought maybe my expectations weren't clear, so I revised my guidelines. Then I thought maybe the people visiting the site don't know what erotic romance was as opposed to straight-up erotica, so I put a link to a great article about the difference in my guidelines. Then I added a whole bunch of personal likes and dislikes. For instance, I mostly don't like first person point of view in erotic romance. Sometimes it can work when the writer is talented and the character is really interesting, but most of the time -- to me -- it reads like a confession, and that just makes it feel more icky to me and less like a fantasy. Of course, other readers and writers have other preferences.

Ultimately, though I did get submissions for the August newsletter, I ended up writing my own story for it. Now that my guidelines are more clear, I'm hoping for more appropriate subs, subs that are both romantic and erotic.

So, if you'd like to read a new G.G. Royale story FREE sign up for my newsletter here before eight a.m. tomorrow morning. If you think you'd like to submit, sign up so you can read my story and see what I'm looking for.

Remember, the collar contest is still going on, and I've just started a Twitter contest too. Those details can be found on the contest page at


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