Holy Cross Christmas

This week, I passed the 20 thousand word mark on Holy Cross Christmas. That's always an important milestone for me, since Loose Id doesn't publish anything under 20 K. This story, which releases 14 December from Loose Id, will be a spicy, I/R contemporary. Well, not too contemporary since it takes place five years ago.

Holy Cross is a neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Its position on the east side of the Industrial Canal has, more than once, set it up for catastrophe during floods and hurricanes, but it is a rich and vibrant place nonetheless.

I've decided to donate 50 percent of my royalties for this story to the New Orleans's Habitat for Humanity. Holy Cross, as well as several other neighborhoods, are still rebuilding even half a decade after Katrina. Plus, we've been hit with the tragedy of the oil leak here as well. When this releases this holiday season, I hope you'll be a copy to help support rebuilding in New Orleans.


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