Runner's High by Ria Cruz

From behind his dark sunglasses, Jason kept his eyes on the slow bop and sway of the seductive ass in tight workout shorts ahead of him. He continued his attempt to keep up with the woman, his neighbor and good friend Kimberly Hailey, but it was pointless. His pace fell to a near stumble, admiring her rounded bottom for the past mile.

“Are you falling asleep back there, Jason?” the sound of her sultry voice snapped him out his daze.

“Kim, I’ve told you before; I’m not a runner,” he told her as he came to a complete stop and slid his glasses off his face. Letting the plastic frame rake through his yet-to-be-cut head of blond curls, Jason caught his breath enough to speak again. The burn in his muscles was so severe, it was agonizing. “Are you trying to kill me? It’s hot as hell out here.” Sweat drenched the gray sleeveless shirt he wore, and he could feel more drops gliding down his chest and back.

By no means was James out of shape, but his career as a sci-fi novelist generally kept him behind a desk, his butt in a chair, creating mythical worlds and creatures; not running five miles in the middle of July in Houston, Texas.  

Kimberly was a good ten feet away, jogging in place, not letting her heartbeat drop for a second. Her succulent breasts bounced against her tank top with every movement. “I can’t believe you,” she told him with a frown and shake of her head. Her wavy, russet hair moved along with it; a few longer tendrils stuck to her long, sensual neck.
“How do you keep in shape then Jason?” she asked sarcastically as he finally regained enough strength in his legs and enough blood had returned to his head to walk towards her.

“Where would the fun be in that?” he teased. Giving into the urge to touch her, he extended his hand to pull a lingering curl off her neck. She flinched at his movement, and her body stiffened at his contact.

The closeness of her luscious body put his senses in overload. Her tanned skin smelled of sweet, womanly musk and almonds. One of her warm breaths escaped her cherry lips and hit his chin. It took everything inside of him not to kiss her. Again.

The drunken kiss they had shared at their friend’s wedding might have happened three weeks ago, but the memory of her searing-hot mouth was still fresh in his mind. Her lips had parted under his when he ran his tongue over their crease, and when he’d finally claimed her mouth, she moaned and arched into his body. He pushed Kim roughly against the door of her hotel room, and she wrapped her delicate hands around his neck, pulling him in deeper. His own hands held her face to him as he delved into her warm, succulent mouth. She tasted of exotic wine and sweet woman.

They broke apart when the loud ding of an elevator down the hall announced someone, probably from the wedding party, also arriving from a long night of partying. Kim had apologized, kissed his cheek goodnight, and stepped into her room. As she closed the door, Jason had told her that he didn’t want the kiss to interfere with their friendship.

Now he was seriously reconsidering it. Focusing back on the stunning woman before him, Jason let his fingers glide down her silken skin.

“Jay?” her voice was a small cry. She looked up at him with bright turquoise eyes; her lower lip trembled slightly.

Through his dark sunglasses, he hid his lowering gaze to her chest. Against the green of her clingy top her nipples were hard. Shit, he needed to get her home before he acted like a fool in the middle of a national park. Clearing his throat Jason found his voice, “You had some hair…” He didn’t finish his comment, just removed his hand and took a few steps forward then looked back, urging her to follow his lead.

"Oh…" Kim nearly whimpered as she started towards him. The look on her face told him she might be a little disappointed he had stepped away.

That made him wonder. Would she be as responsive to him now as she was that day in Napa? Had she thought things over and considered it an option?

He stole a glance in her direction as they walked back to the car. Her eyes were focused straight ahead, and she bit, then sucked her lower lip nervously. She was thinking about it, but they had no time to think.

Jason grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the nearest tree then kissed her, not giving her a moment to protest. Slowly, he devoured her mouth. Sucked on her lower lip and grazed his tongue over it to sooth the sting then started all over again. Her own pink tongue peeked out and licked his upper lip as she moaned against his mouth. He gave her more, kissing her with the hunger he’d held back for two years.

She grasped his shirt, pulled him closer, and returned his passion. He wrapped his hands around her slender waist and held her against the tree. He made love to her lips with his own, leaving him with a burning desire for more. His hands swiftly climbed her skin and grazed a hardened nipple. Kim groaned into his mouth, and he pressed her harder against the tree with his chest.

The sound of laughing children awoke them out of their lustful spell. A devious smile played across her face as he pulled away from her kiss-swollen mouth. He raised an eyebrow in question.

Kim laughed at him, "Jason, you are the worst at choosing make-out spots."

After dropping another kiss on her lips, he asked, "Would you like to move this somewhere more private?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Ria Cruz is a Jersey girl currently living in sunny Miami, Florida with her husband and their Rottweiler, Akasha.  Since discovering Flowers in the Attic at the age of thirteen, she’s rarely been without a book in her hands. When she’s not reading or working on her first full length novel, you can find her cooking lavish meals for her closest friends or attending a writer’s workshop.



  1. Ms. Ria, I'm hoping you plan to turn this into a longer length story.


  2. Hi Ria,
    Just read the snippet of your story above, and despite the male protag sharing a name with a rather loathsome 'ex' of mine, that scene was pretty hot.

    Jessa C.
    p.s. I tagged your stories at Amazon too btw. ;)


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