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Expect at least three more releases this year...

In a few days, the year will be half over. It's almost hard to believe. I've been working so hard for the last year to get my writing out there, and so far it's been totally rewarding. So what can you expect for the rest of the year?

First, near the end of August or the beginning of September, we should see the release of Lilith's Daughter from Carnal Desires Press. This would be the first paranormal that you've seen from me, but you can also expect the same heat, passion, and spice of New Orleans you've come to recognize in my writing.

Second -- and this isn't guaranteed yet -- I should have a short coming out at Halloween from New Line Press. I haven't thought of a title yet, but this will also have a little paranormal and menage flare.

Finally, to cap off the year, my interracial romance Holy Cross Christmas has been accepted by Loose Id. This is a holiday release you can expect to see in December.

I've got one other submission out right now, so …

Runner's High by Ria Cruz

From behind his dark sunglasses, Jason kept his eyes on the slow bop and sway of the seductive ass in tight workout shorts ahead of him. He continued his attempt to keep up with the woman, his neighbor and good friend Kimberly Hailey, but it was pointless. His pace fell to a near stumble, admiring her rounded bottom for the past mile.
“Are you falling asleep back there, Jason?” the sound of her sultry voice snapped him out his daze.
“Kim, I’ve told you before; I’m not a runner,” he told her as he came to a complete stop and slid his glasses off his face. Letting the plastic frame rake through his yet-to-be-cut head of blond curls, Jason caught his breath enough to speak again. The burn in his muscles was so severe, it was agonizing. “Are you trying to kill me? It’s hot as hell out here.” Sweat drenched the gray sleeveless shirt he wore, and he could feel more drops gliding down his chest and back.
By no means was James out of shape, but his career as a sci-fi…

In-Between Days

While waiting for word on a submission, I get more depressed than when I get a rejection. A rejection is something to work from, a place from which to grow. Waiting, on the other hand, is nerve-racking. I spend too much time watching my inbox for some indication of whether I'll be published. I would say this is one of the hardest parts of writing, particularly since I am so willing to make changes. I'll alter anything in a story -- nearly -- to make an editor happy; my one condition is that my name is on the book. As a professional writer, I welcome rewrites. These days of waiting make me second guess every choice I made in the manuscript and worry that they won't give me an opportunity to rewrite.

So, publishers out there, know this: G.G. will rewrite to your specs with a smile on her face. Just give her the chance.

Sequel to Kittengirls sent to editor today!

I finished revisions on the sequel to The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans today. This novella, Another Kittengirl: My Two Doms, is a menage story featuring Haley, one of Margot's friends from the first book. You may have picked up on a few clues here and there that suggested she'd get her own story.

I'll keep you posted on My Two Dom's status as I hear.

The Flapper and the Fellow is out!

The Flapper and the Fellow released today at Loose Id! I just love the Jazz Age for so many reasons: the clothes, the music, the carefree spirit. I had to write this story, and set in the place I love the most, New Orleans.

Researching it was a lot of fun. I learned quite a bit about the history of this city and what life here was like during Prohibition. Did you know Ramos of the Ramos Gin Fizz mixed paint during Prohibition? It's true. Though Prohibition may have technically been in effect in New Orleans, you can bet we found ways around it.