A poem for you today

I have been fortunate enough to receive some interesting work coming in from other authors, so today I'd like to share this poem with you from Leila Fortier. It appeared in my May newsletter. You could have read it three weeks ago if you were subscribed...

~The Gift~
By Leila Fortier 

To me that you can feel me
As my desire burns through this screen~
 My panic of want that is so rapidly regressing~
That I have made love to you so many times a
Day since my return~
Portion of you
With eyes that have
Dreamt you into my reality~ That my hands
Know what you think I can’t see~ Pulsating
Against and inside of me~ I have wrapped
Myself around the outer shell of you~
 As I have coiled my ring of fire
For you to penetrate
 As I
Your expressionless
Gaze~ Till invoked is your
Hungered passion played~ Stimulated
Your frozen meditation~ Till you came out
 Of that meditation~ For you have been my meditation~
And now I will be yours~ Damn my selfish starving state
 That willfully sins before you~ Transgressing my morals and
Now the law of you~ Forgive me in advance that I not lose you…
But cleave unto you deeply~ And bury you within this ache of
Me~ Imbedded and pressed into the heat of me~ Inscribing
Your prophecies upon the wet walls and core of me~
 That together we may throb in this need that
 Has been playing out separately~
Refuse me not forever
More~ For I need
You to release
This~ I need
You to
This~ Because I am once more
Burning alive by this…
Where I lap
The icy
Of your mind
Just to summon
This…This part of
You that can no longer
Hide~ No longer cold and
Dormant outside~ Graphically
 I have acted out this~ Until I am so
Near that you can feel my supernatural
Presence~ Where I have tasted the salt of
Your sweat and the drink of your creation~
Feeding this life in me now without moments
Hesitation~ Biting down upon my lip to taste
The fruit of your labor~ The reality of my
Existence~ This surreal act savored~ I
Shudder now with you in this ocean
 Of fire~ Where you can no
Longer deny desire~
Me you
Have been
Insatiably fucking
Me~ That this is not also
 A part of my wild imagination
 Reckless heart speaking~ Or
Tell me that you have NOT done
 This~ That I can finally let go
Of this~ I beg of you to break
This silence~ And let me
Suffer whatever the
When your
Alone would
Be the

Leila A. Fortier is a writer, artist, poet, and photographer currently residing on the 
remote island of Okinawa, Japan. Her writing is known to be a unique hybrid form in 
which her words are specially crafted into visual form and design, often superimposed 
over her own multi-medium forms of art, photography, and spoken accompaniment, for 
a full bodied expression and intensity of each piece.

Her work has most recently been accepted by The Sage of Consciousness Literary 
Review, Damazine, Nefarious Ballerina, and Visions with Voices among others. She has 
appeared in several books, anthologies, and publications including Treasured Poets of 
America, Satiated Sunrise, and A World of Love: Voices for Carmen. She is also the 
author of Metanoia's Revelation through iUniverse.


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