Interview with Cherise Sinclair

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An Interview with Erotic Romance
Writer Cherise Sinclair

I was fortunate enough to find Club Shadowlands in my inbox one morning in 2008 from the submissions coordinator at Loose Id. As an editor, I often read and accept things based on what the market wants, not necessarily what I want. Shadowlands, however, appealed to me on a personal level as well. Ever since, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cherise as an editor and a reader. Sometimes I feel bad that I get free copies of all of her Loose Id stories!

Now, here's the interview:

GG: It seems as if, right from the beginning with Loose Id, you and your writing took center stage, and you appear fairly comfortable in the role. Your work has had a great reception from readers, critics, and contest judges. To what do you owe your seemingly fast-paced success?

CS:  Center stage? Oh, hey, I'm honored to just be allowed in the same room with all the awesome authors at Loose Id. I am totally delighted that my books have been so well-received by readers and reviewers. I think part of the reason they're popular is just being in the right place at the right time--my stories seem to fill a niche for readers who want very romantic BDSM books (and no, that's not a contradiction in terms).

GG: And what hints, tricks, or suggestions do you have for aspiring writers who would like to climb the ladder as quickly as you did?

CS:  As quickly, huh. Do you know how many books I have collecting dust bunnies under the bed? 

So, for advice...I haven't found any tricks, unfortunately, other than buckle down and do the work, never stop studying, and keep trying to improve. Yes, there are a few authors who sell their first book, but most of us struggle through book after book as we learn the craft. Ah, I did learn that at a certain point, you're better off not continuing to revise a rejected book; just go write the next one. Write, write, write.

GG: Let's move on to Lean on Me. Cullen finally gets his story. You -- and your readers -- have been waiting for this for a while. How does it feel? Do you think there was more pressure in telling this story because of the expectations your fan base may have developed?

CS:  Oh, Lord, GG--I'm terrified at not fulfilling those expectations! Readers have been requesting his story since the first book. How in the world will anything I give them be pleasing enough?

And this was such a hard book to write--partly because Master Cullen did not cooperate whatsoever. If he wasn't twice my size, I'd have strangled him for giving me so much grief. I'd tell him he was being too mean to my poor heroine, and he'd inform me he was the Dom and the trainer...but then he'd cuddle her so sweetly that I'd sigh and say, 'okay.'

GG: Where do you find your inspiration for your doms?

CS:  What an interesting question. Oddly enough, I've never had to go look for inspiration for the Masters. I simply adore men who are dominant--especially in the bedroom--and I guess that shows.   As for the physical: I've met guys who are thin and short and still wonderfully commanding, but I do prefer big, muscular men, just because it's so much fun to run a hand over a broad chest and trace the curves of rock-hard biceps and… Well, you get the idea.

GG: You've got two more upcoming releases with Loose Id. Tell us a little about how the concept for The Doms of Dark Haven came about.

CS: Oh, dear, you want me to confess how I lured Belinda McBride to the Citadel in San Francisco so I could research how to auction off submissives on a Masters Den auction night? I did, I'll admit it. 

We had so much fun, and people in the club were so friendly. (And yes, I did use that research in Lean on Me ) On our way back, as we talked, we realized how differently we had perceived the scenes we'd watched. I might notice the expression on a sub's face as she descended into subspace, and Belinda might have been watching the Dom as he enjoyed the feel of the rope between his fingers. We wanted to play with that idea a little more.

So after recruiting the wonderful Sierra Cartwright, we decided to write three stories all starting on the same night in the same BDSM club--Dark Haven. To increase the fun, we made it a Victorian theme night. Can there be anything more sensuous than corsets and hoops and petticoats?    

Well, maybe kitten attire. So, GG, are you going to drag me to New Orleans so I can help you research kittenplay antics for your next book?

Note from editor: Ha! I wish. Unfortunately, I think Margot's the only one around here who is into that.

GG: And many of your characters often reference Conan, Battlestar Galactica, and other sci fi, fantasy, or comic book characters. After Doms we get a science fiction story from you, Nexus of Command. What made you switch to sci fi for this?

CS: I've always been a SF and fantasy fan. I grew up reading Robert Heinlein's book. You know he'd have made a great Dom. Hmmm... Anyway, I have a yen to write science fiction.

The nice thing about an off-world setting and a totally different culture is that we can throw away some of our knee-jerk reactions to certain behaviors. For example, in our tiny BDSM culture on Earth, domination is normal, but let a man act like that outside of his home or club, and... Let's just say such behavior doesn't go over well in polite society. But in a different society on a different world, expectations can be totally different.

So on the world of Nexus, where they practiced selective breeding for generation upon generation, some of the clan lines that are selected for leadership have an acknowledged dominant streak. And their home life reflects that.

GG: And finally, what do you see coming up after those works?

CS: Well, I caved-in to demands--submissive here, right? LOL--and promised to write a story for Jake, the brother in Master of the Mountain. My softhearted readers worried about his unhappy background and insisted that he needs someone sweet to love. So I'm pondering on whom to give him that will upset him the most .

I'm also toying with a regular romance (okay, I admit it'll edge toward the very hot side), just to make sure I can write something where ropes and chains aren't attached to the bed frame.

Dominant Males, Sizzling Tales

  • The Dom's Dungeon and Master of the Mountain: available at Loose Id, Amazon, Fictionwise, AllRomance
  • Masters of theShadowlands 1 - 3: available at Loose Id, Amazon, Fictionwise, AllRomance

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