It's alive!

While the English Beat played last night, my book went live. You can now download The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans from Loose Id. I'm so excited, and a little exhausted. I only got about five hours' sleep. We got in after the show, around two in the morning. By seven, I was wide awake thinking about what was happening with the book.What will my Google Alerts tell me over the next couple of days? What will my Analytics look like? ?Aargh! I didn't know so much stress would be involved on the day it actually happened. I just figured...sit back and enjoy.

Well, let me talk about the show last night to get my mind off of other things. First, we missed Outlaw Nation. We were drinking Irish coffees at Pravda on Decatur Street, waiting to meet up with some friends. But we got to the House of Blues just as Fishbone went on. That was some old school funky ska there. And the guys have been around forever, but they still rock. The lead singer was doing cartwheels on the stage and kicking his leg over the mic stand.

And then the English Beat... Man, I love them. Again, they've been around forever, and most of the original band has moved on, but Dave Wakeling does a good job of bringing in guys that still have the right feel and dedication to the music. This is the second time I've seen them at that venue in the last years or so, and if they played again tonight, I would probably go. New Orleans is completely bereft of ska bands, which makes me all the more hungry when they do come around. The Beat puts on a solid show every time.

And a moment of digression... I think I had the only creepers on in the building, besides the frontman of Fishbone. Sad, huh?


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