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I Interviewed Rosalie Stanton

I was lucky enough to have one of my Loose Id authors, Rosalie Stanton, agree to an interview. I love being able to ask specific questions about her life and work!
G.G.: Your first release with Loose Id was Firsts, a contemporary romance. If I remember, that was your first erotic romance novella. How difficult was it for you to decide that’s want you wanted to write? And what was your process to create that particular story? In retrospect, it seems so simple and sweet, but it came out very hot.
R.S.: Firsts was a steppingstone for me in many ways, and not just because it was the first erotic romance novella I’ve published. I have written stories in one fashion or another since I could hold a pen. In junior high, I submitted a short story to a state-wide literary magazine and received a gold medal for my submission, as well as my first honest publication. In high school I served as the editor for our literature magazine, featuring student talent in the form of art, poems, and short stor…

Rosalie Stanton Interview Coming

One of my authors at Loose Id, Rosalie Stanton, has kindly agreed to an interview. Stay tuned for the post in the next week or so. In the meantime, check out her books: Possession and Firsts.

Haley's story started

If you think you are going to love Margot's story in The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans, then I hope you plan on saving the cost of a download for My Two Doms, Haley's story! The first chapter was finished today, and the outline is totally complete. This story will pick up where the last one ended. And this time, we've got plenty of pony-girls to play with too.

Page on Girl Crush

Here's a page with more info on the Girl Crush anthology.

Lilith's Daughter Acccepted!

Lilith's Daughter has been accepted for publication be Carnal Desires Publishing. We should expect to see it out by the end of summer. That will make my third release this year. Not bad for a first go at things.

The Flapper and the Fellow Accepted

Loose Id has decided to take another chance with me and accepted The Flapper and Fellow! I can't express how thrilled I am. Things really seem to be coming together for me.

I also have two outlines completed. One is a spin-off from Kittengirls, which I'll work on next. The other is a steampunk romance. I'm starting on the first one today!

Girl Crush to release later this year!

I got word this morning that the publisher has accepted the text of Girl Crush, so it should release in May or June. My story,"An Introduction," will appear in the book. It is a short but bittersweet look inside a BDSM club.

The Flapper and the Fellow Finished!

Tonight I finished my most recent novella, tentatively titled The Flapper and the Fellow. I've already sent the partial off. I think this was a record for me as far as how long it took to knock it out. I came up with the idea at the end of November, outlined it, and finished in a little over a month. Right now, it's 32,000 words, but I'm sure I'll be adding a few more thousand words in revisions.

Partial sent off!

I sent off the first five chapters of The Flapper and the Fellow, my historic erotic romance. I've still got about forty pages to go before the entire manuscript is finished, but I'm hoping to knock those out by the end of next weekend. I really like this story, and I hope me editor does too.

Also, on 16 February -- the day The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans releases -- you'll be able to read an interview of me at