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The year is almost up!

What an amazing year. To go from only a handful of Web site and anthology credits to six novels and several short story ebooks and anthologies. I, of course, couldn't have done it without you, my readers, and the amazing community of the other writers and editors at all of the publishers I have worked with. It's been great.

My last novella of the year, The New Game, will release tomorrow. I wrote this specifically for the artwork you see on the cover. It's a quick read with a lot of action. I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I hope you'll join a whole plethora of Loose Id authors at the Love Romances Cafe on Sunday. We're all planning special blog posts and giveaways to start your new year off right. Be sure to check it out.

Adoration of Addana out this week, just in time for the holidays

The Adoration of Addana released Tuesday at Loose Id. Because it's a story so close to my heart, I'm donating 20 percent of my royalties from this title -- for as long as the book is in print -- to Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together.

Please help me make the season brighter for people who are still trying to rebuild their homes in the New Orleans area by buying a copy.

Have a great holiday season!

Necessary Roughness to release in March

It looks as if Necessary Roughness will probably release in March at Loose Id. I'm quite pleased about that; it will be my first release of the new year, so far. I may be able to get a short story or two out before then as well, but I'm not entirely sure.

In the meantime, I've been reading Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell. It's actually got a lot of great ideas in it, things that I hope to improve on in the future. I'll definitely make some changes when I get Necessary Roughness back from the first round of editing.

Also prompting changes is the recent review that I got for The Flapper and the Fellow. It definitely pointed out some weaknesses in that manuscript that I could see being a problem in Necessary Roughness too, since both heroines are unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle at the beginning of the books and, maybe a little too easily, adapt quickly to the dom/ sub relationship. I will need to throw in some more internal conflict for my heroine in N…

Rumpled Silk Sheets Released Today!

Are you in the mood for fairy tales and delicious girl on girl action? Do you like a little romance and wonder with your erotica? If so, then you might want to check out the anthology that came out today from Ravenous Romance...

Rumpled Silk Sheets!
My story, "The White Bride," is included in this anthology edited by EM Lynley. Please check it out.

Necessary Roughness finished!

I'm so happy that I got Necessary Roughness finished in time to take December off! Just a few days to edit and I'll send it off to my editor.

This story definitely is already calling for at least one sequel. I'm thinking Josh, Tiffany, and Chrissie, but I'm not sure how to work that out... We'll see.

Tuesday, Rumpledsilksheets is supposed to release with Ravenous Romance. I'm hoping it will show up here: My story, "The White Bride," is in that, so I hope you'll check it out.

A little holiday reading to tide you over

Would you like a little light, sensual, and sweet holiday reading to "tide" you over until Yule? Why not check out my self-published short, "The Longest Night?" It came out last year, and is a fairytale based on Norse mythology about a trip into the woods on the longest night of the year. It was thought that this night was the most magical of all, and that people could even understand the speech of animals, if they took the time to listen. It's only ninety-nine cents!
If you would like something more hot and contemporary for your holiday reading this year, then you need to check out my 14 December holiday release with Loose Id. The Adoration of Addana is an interracial erotic romance set during the first December after Hurricane Katrina.
Parts of the Holy Cross neighborhood, where this story is set, have still not been rebuilt. If you are feeling particularly generous, please donate to Habitat for Humanity, with your money targeted to the New Orleans area.

Sweet New Memory by Ralph Greco Jr.

Here's a short bit of fiction to heat up your day. It was originally featured in my newsletter for the month of November. If you'd like to get the newsletter, make sure you visit the link to the right.
A Sweet New MemoryBy Ralph Greco Jr.
You can’t play with the past.
You can trick your memory, hide some evidence, burn pictures even, but the past “be what it be,” and no matter how much you try to disregard or forget, stuff still leaks through. When I saw those damn legwarmers at the dancewear outlet, my past came back to bite me on the ass. And seeing how I had just begun to date Stu again, my first-ever boyfriend, the sight of the legwarmers brought a memory blush to my high cheekbones. I had to run clear cross the store to hide from my daughter, Stephanie.
 My friends and I were a lot less sexually aware then teenage girls today; Stephanie wears her jeans so low not a single boy in her high-school exists who couldn’t tell you the color of her thong on any given day. My girlfri…

Would you like to write for Loose Id?

A new call for submissions just went out, and it's active until August of next year. It definitely has already sparked some ideas in my head. Here's a look at the call. I hope you submit!

Whether it's James Bond in Monte Carlo or Batman on the rooftops of Gotham, women (and men!) love a man with an air of intrigue about him. Secrets are sexy; they're the black lingerie of the mind. Give us just the tiniest hint and we will lean all the way forward across the table for just one tiny hint more.  This fall, Loose Id's looking to capture that allure with a collection of surprising and suspenseful stories of these men and the lovers who get them to tell all Bring us your spies and undercover cops, your SEALS and assassins, your con men and bodyguards, your jewel thieves and the detectives who hunt them.  We're looking for novel length stories of 55,000 to 75,000 words of mystery and romantic suspense where the romance and the sex play an integral role in the story. Thi…

The Return of the Rainbow

Here's a little Halloween erotic flash for you.

Warnings: zombie/ human sex, feasting on human flesh (of screen), obscure references to Argentinian politics of the 1950s.

The Return of the Rainbow By G.G. Royale The embalmers had done an impeccable job preserving Eva Peron, and despite the many adventures her corpse had had in the decades since her death, she still looked beautiful. Frank inhaled and smelled the honey aroma of beeswax and the spicier, more mysterious scents of the arcane ingredients used to keep her looking young and supple. He had loved Evita ever since he’d seen the musical as a child. Once he’d made enough of a fortune to start doing silly thing with it, he’d vowed to buy her. Today, she’d arrived. He stepped away from the shipping crate that cradled her glass coffin. The heels of his handmade oxfords clicked on the marble floor. His gaze met the eyes of the man who had promised to bring her back. “Do what needs to be done,” Frank told him. Longfellow Jal steepled hi…

New Release from Cherise!

Okay, I'm one lucky editor to have Cherise Sinclair in my line-up at Loose Id. Today, she's got another hot story releasing, and I just love the title. Here's the blurb: On the mountain, the watcher seeks out evil women. And then they die. Two years ago, when Jake Hunt uncollared his slave, she committed suicide. Guilt-ridden, he will commit to a woman for one night only, devoting his energy to a mountain lodge that caters to a BDSM crowd. Kallie Masterson is tough. Unwanted as a child, she worked hard to become a wilderness guide. She’s proud of who she is, and hurt that Jake frowns on her for acting like a man. After rescuing the macho guide from a bar fight, Jake is stunned that the ugly men’s clothing hides a warm, responsive woman. A submissive woman. When guide business brings her to the lodge on BDSM night, and she is obviously aroused by the play, Jake takes the little sub right into his world of pain and pleasure. He warns her: one night only. But she responds so beaut…

My Two Doms releases tomorrow!

My Two Doms
Follow up to The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans Get it on 19 October at
Haley has been seeing two very different doms, and they both made her happy in their own way. Gregory...older, calm, and willing to show her off. And Jason, a possessive and fiery younger man. When the two men finally meet up, Haley realizes she doesn’t want each man on separate nights anymore; she wants both of them together! But the two doms are so different -- and so often at each other’s throat -- that she doubts she can have what she desires. Will a surprise weekend together help the men bond or just cause more conflict?

"The New Game" accepted by Dreamspinner!

I was thrilled Thursday to learn that Dreamspinner will release my novella, The New Game! As of now, it looks as if it will come out on 29 December, so I hope you'll designate a little of your Christmas money for that. This one will eventually be available at Amazon too, so you could always ask for Amazon gift cards.

The New Game will be my second M/M ebook to release with Dreamspinner Press, and I hope many more will follow.

Now, back to work on my next I/R BDSM project.

Jake’s Alchemy by G.G. Royale - A Night Owl Reviews Book Review

Jake’s Alchemy by G.G. Royale - A Night Owl Reviews Book Review What a wonderful review!
Yes, more M/M is to come. The New Game is currently under consideration with one publisher, and I do think I'd like to dig a little deeper in Desi and Jake's relationship. Maybe once they get to Fiji some adventure may befall them... Hadn't thought about it, but now the wheels are turning!

Next Project!

I finally decided on my next project! I got the idea last week, fleshed it out, and sent an outline to my editor at Loose Id. I'm going to make it my NaNoWriMo project for this year. The gist of it is a spoiled princess/ control freak gets her own football team and the dominant, bad-boy tight-end teaches her a few things about submission. Yes, the hero may resemble Jeremy Shockey just a smidge. We are all allowed our fantasies once in a while, right?

This should appeal to both my BDSM and my IR fans. I'll keep you updated on progress as I begin, but that won't be for a couple of weeks yet.

In the meantime, make sure to pick up My Two Domswhen it comes out on 19 October. The coming soon page is up, but you're just going to have to wait a little bit longer for more details.

Michelle Picard Today at Kink, Romance, and Writing!

Michelle Picard, author of Surviving Eden, joins me today... Check after the interview for a blurb and an excerpt from the story.
G.G.:Tell me about the Quirky Ladies. What's it like having a support group like that? Being able to celebrate each other's successes? Helping each other? How did your group form?
M: Finding the Quirky Ladies is one of the best pieces of luck I ever received. I met the other ladies at my local Romance Writers’ chapter. We each wrote different sub-genres of romance and needed the extra critiquing support. But what we found when we started meeting was a way to support each other on a larger level. We cheer each other on, bemoan each others’ real life struggles and mundane arch enemies, get silly, brainstorm stories, and celebrate each others successes. We love to head out to our favorite sushi restaurant and toast away with quirky-tinis and lots of laughter. There is nothing better than support from both fellow writers and girlfriends and I have both in…

Fall is Finally Here!

Ah! It didn't even get out of the 80's today. That was probably helped out a bit by the rain, but I'm not going to complain.

Right now I'm between projects, working on October's newsletter, and trying to think of what to start next. My mind has definitely been other places lately. Usually, to come up with something, I hit the Duotrope listings and do the first thing that catches my eye... Let's see...

There's this call from Cleis, or this sounds fun, though it doesn't pay at all. Or maybe this erotic horror call.

Once I get a few short stories out, I should be able to get back into the swing of another longer work.

New Titles

It really is difficult to come up with titles. My holiday story had to be renamed because it had too much of a religious connotation. I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to come up with alternatives that didn't sound too much like other Christmas releases. It's natural to want to go right to using Christmas carol lyrics, tweaking them here and there to make them sound sexy or fresh. Unfortunately, my holiday release didn't really fit that standard method, since it's not really light-hearted, but more gritty and real. I didn't want to altogether abandon having some hint of the holiday season in the title, but it couldn't be kitschy at all. The first two I turned in didn't work at all. Now I'm waiting on the third, which has a soft holiday reference, a double meaning that fits the story, and alliteration, so I'm hoping it works.

Generally, my titles start as puns somehow related to the plot. Most of the time, they work. Today, though, I ha…

Hosting Michelle Picard

I'll be hosting Michelle Picard on October 4 here at the blog. Her sequel to Ruling Eden has recently released, and she's on a virtual book tour.

I always love demon/ angel lover stories...

So I hope you'll join me on the fourth to leave a comment. I think there may be some prizes involved...

Taking a break

I have had so much going on this summer -- and headed into fall -- that I'm shamelessly taking a break. I'm going to sit in the back yard, drink pina coladas, and play cribbage.

Mainly, I will be promoting everything that's already out there while I decide what to try next. Maybe it will be that elusive full-length novel. Maybe not. I'm not really sure at this point, but I do know it's going to take me a little time to figure it out.

Every Night Erotica | Sexy stories free for everyone.

Every Night Erotica | Sexy stories free for everyone. Please rate my story, "Stranded and Restrained" on Every Night Erotica. I liked writing this story enough that I think I may use it to start a series or even a novella once my busy schedule calms down.

Carnal Desires Publishing: Sophisticated Erotic Literature

Lilith's Daughter at Carnal Desires Publishing: Sophisticated Erotic Literature
The very first erotica romance I ever attempted is up for sale at Carnal Desires today. I loved this story. It's one of my favorite concepts. I took some freedom with the mythology on which it is based, but I hope you'll allow me some creative license.

Katrina, Five Years Later

Most of who I am as a writer is thanks to my last eight years living here in New Orleans. There are many places in this world where you can never own "local" status; you have to have been born there. New Orleans is not one of those places. New Orleanians love creative, hedonistic people who are open minded, gregarious, and jovial. If you wear those qualities out in the open for all the world to witness, and can put up for, oh, two years with all the things wrong in this city, then you're local. Any native-born New Orleanian will tell you that as he raises his glass to toast you. Often this will be followed with a comment like, "Well, then you know."

Katrina added more depth. If you lived here "before the storm" and then came back, that definitely raised your status. If someone asks you, "How long have you lived here?" and you can answer, "Eight years," or seven, or six, then that will always lead into the conversations of "Whe…

Big Month Coming Up

I've got a huge month for releases coming up. To start off, I've go two shorts coming. First, on 31 August, "Vampire Menage" will come out with New Line Press. Then, on 8 September, my male/ male short with Dreamspinner will release.
Finally, toward the end of the month, the first erotic romance I ever wrote, Lilith's Daughter, will release with Carnal Desires publishing. I'm so thrilled to see it come out!
In the meantime, I'm working hard on one final novelette before I take a three-month hiatus from writing. Don't worry; I still have an October and December release with Loose Id.

Be One of the First!

"A Hot Summer's Day" is available on Kindle now through the Amazon Kindle store! This BDSM short has been released by New Line Press. I know I've already said it, but I totally loved this cover art.
I wrote this story a long time ago and just sort of sat on it. I'm not sure why I didn't submit it sooner, but the people at New Line have been so classy to work with that, when they wanted something else from me, I knew this would be the one to send along. I was glad I could offer them something hot.
I think I could follow it up with another victim stopping in at Gina's...maybe two this time. I wonder what she'd do with a couple? Or maybe a carload of frat boys? Or maybe a couple of other girls on a road trip?
Heck, I'll probably get around to all of them!
In other news, I'll have a story up at tomorrow, so you should check that out too. Read the freebie, and then buy the ebook. Make a G.G. sort of day.


First off, The Flapper and the Fellow is now up at Amazon, so if you were waiting to get it for your Kindle there, now you can. If you read it, please do drop me a line on my Contact page at my site. I would love to know what you honestly thought. So far, I've had no reviews and only one rating at Fictionwise, so I'd like to know what, if anything, I need to do differently on the next title. I was thinking of writing T-Bone's story too. Would you like that?

Second, my next ebook short, "A Hot Summer's Day," releases next week with New Line Press. I was totally thrilled with the cover they made for this BDSM erotica. I think I used to own those boots...

Slush Pile

I recently posted a listing on Duotrope to get short, erotic romance stories to publish here and in my monthly newsletter. This is mostly a cross-promotional venture, hoping to get writers to share their audiences with me and vice-versa. Of course, doing something like that means opening myself up to the slush pile. There's been a lot of talk about slush piles lately on the literature journal blogs. A lot of disappointed editors have been less than thrilled with the quality of submissions.

I have to say, I'm about to join them, but I think I need to complain about myself rather than the writers. First I thought maybe my expectations weren't clear, so I revised my guidelines. Then I thought maybe the people visiting the site don't know what erotic romance was as opposed to straight-up erotica, so I put a link to a great article about the difference in my guidelines. Then I added a whole bunch of personal likes and dislikes. For instance, I mostly don't like first pe…

The Week in Review

This week I finished my first draft of Holy Cross Christmas. It releases 14 December -- the day after my birthday -- with Loose Id. I have edits to do on it this week, and then off to my editor. I feel quite -- well, lucky's not the right word because I do work my butt off -- let's say "well rewarded" for my efforts this year. I only hope I can keep the pace up. I'm a chunk of the way into another holiday release, but I might sit on it until next year. We'll see. Beyond that, I'm not entirely sure what I want to work on next. I have plenty of short stories to write, but as far as longer works... I've got some good ideas, some completed outlines. It's just a matter of digging in to a new project, and this time of year is always hard for me to that in. Judging from the crickets chirping in response to The Flapper and the Fellow, I'm fairly certain My Two Doms will win back the readers that The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans earned, and maybe …

Holy Cross Christmas

This week, I passed the 20 thousand word mark on Holy Cross Christmas. That's always an important milestone for me, since Loose Id doesn't publish anything under 20 K. This story, which releases 14 December from Loose Id, will be a spicy, I/R contemporary. Well, not too contemporary since it takes place five years ago.

Holy Cross is a neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Its position on the east side of the Industrial Canal has, more than once, set it up for catastrophe during floods and hurricanes, but it is a rich and vibrant place nonetheless.

I've decided to donate 50 percent of my royalties for this story to the New Orleans's Habitat for Humanity. Holy Cross, as well as several other neighborhoods, are still rebuilding even half a decade after Katrina. Plus, we've been hit with the tragedy of the oil leak here as well. When this releases this holiday season, I hope you'll be a copy to help support rebuilding in New Orleans.

Wasn't I a Slacker this Week?

Well, not really. Truth is, I found out this week that I would actually have two more releases from Loose Id before the end of the year. For sure, it looks as if My Two Doms will release on November 2, and Holy Cross Christmas will release on 14 December. I'm so excited to have had four releases with them this year, the first year I really started submitting seriously. In fact, it will have been a year next month that I first submitted The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans, the first novella I ever finished!


Well, my Independence Day will be spent slaving away on the computer. I contracted two novellas just this week, one which needs major revisions and one that needs finishing. It's sort of a "be careful what you wish for" scenario, since I took the summer off from my day job this year to write, and now I have plenty of writing to do.

So what does that leave us for the second half of the year? First, we've got the short Vampire Menage from New Line Press coming out 1 September. If you started following me off of Literotica, this is a little something that will seem more familiar to you.

Around that same time, Lilith's Daughter should be coming out from Carnal Desires. I really can't wait to see that one in print. It was actually the first erotic romance I started, though I didn't finish it until after The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans.

I'm hoping then we'll get Another Kittengirl: My Two Doms. This is the sequel to The Lovely Kittengirls and feat…

Expect at least three more releases this year...

In a few days, the year will be half over. It's almost hard to believe. I've been working so hard for the last year to get my writing out there, and so far it's been totally rewarding. So what can you expect for the rest of the year?

First, near the end of August or the beginning of September, we should see the release of Lilith's Daughter from Carnal Desires Press. This would be the first paranormal that you've seen from me, but you can also expect the same heat, passion, and spice of New Orleans you've come to recognize in my writing.

Second -- and this isn't guaranteed yet -- I should have a short coming out at Halloween from New Line Press. I haven't thought of a title yet, but this will also have a little paranormal and menage flare.

Finally, to cap off the year, my interracial romance Holy Cross Christmas has been accepted by Loose Id. This is a holiday release you can expect to see in December.

I've got one other submission out right now, so …

Runner's High by Ria Cruz

From behind his dark sunglasses, Jason kept his eyes on the slow bop and sway of the seductive ass in tight workout shorts ahead of him. He continued his attempt to keep up with the woman, his neighbor and good friend Kimberly Hailey, but it was pointless. His pace fell to a near stumble, admiring her rounded bottom for the past mile.
“Are you falling asleep back there, Jason?” the sound of her sultry voice snapped him out his daze.
“Kim, I’ve told you before; I’m not a runner,” he told her as he came to a complete stop and slid his glasses off his face. Letting the plastic frame rake through his yet-to-be-cut head of blond curls, Jason caught his breath enough to speak again. The burn in his muscles was so severe, it was agonizing. “Are you trying to kill me? It’s hot as hell out here.” Sweat drenched the gray sleeveless shirt he wore, and he could feel more drops gliding down his chest and back.
By no means was James out of shape, but his career as a sci-fi…