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Still going at it...

Halfway through today! I've hit the end of chapter five, and over 15,000 words, so today marks the middle of the novella I'm working on. My beta reader is going through the partial. The biggest issue so far is anachronisms. We got in a fight as to whether or not a street jazz band in New Orleans in the 1920's would have a sousaphone.  They have them now...

Anyway, that should give you a little teaser as to what the story is about. I can't wait to finish it. I love writing historical fiction in general, and this is my first historical erotic romance, and it's so much fun playing with costumes, hairstyles, even the cars and music...

Working hard...

I'm plugging away at my latest novella, particularly suited for Loose Id, so I hope they like it. I'm a fourth of the way through, following my outline tightly and so far meeting my chapter length quotas. I will have to rename the book from the original title I had selected, since further research shows that my original title would not be historically accurate.

Anyway, I'm hoping to be done with a rough draft by next weekend, if I write as well as I have been these last two days.

Christmas Eve Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night we are having a scrumptious Christmas Eve dinner at our place. I expect to be sweating away in the kitchen all day, probably in a frilly little apron. We're making Oyster Rockefeller soup and a prime rib. Yum!

I've submitted Lilith's Daughter again. Also, I'm working on my new novella. It's not getting done as quickly as I would like, but that's okay. I should focus more on quality than speed.

Kittengirls will be out, still, 16 February. There's already a little suggestion that I should go ahead with a sequel. The sequel I have planned would deal with pony play, though, and I just don't have the funds to do the hands-on research I normally like to do for this sort of thing.

So Lax!

I've just been so lax, haven't I? Not posting for two weeks. How awful of me! Well, last weekend was my birthday, so I think I get a pass there. I had loads of fun, drinking mimosas all day Sunday and not writing a word. But I'm back now!

Right now I'm working hard on a submission for Loose Id. It will again be set in New Orleans, but in the Jazz Age, during Prohibition. I don't want to give too much away, but I think it will be a fun little jaunt.

And welcome to my new followers since last I looked in!