Stepping Back...

I've decided to step back from the novella once again and focus on a short story this week. There's a call up at the Erotica Reader and Writer's Association Web site for holiday stories, and one popped right into my head. The deadline is 21 October, so I'm going to write that over the next couple of days.

The weekend should give me some time to work on the novella again. I got sidetracked because I decided to record some passages while I drove, but then I couldn't find the right software to download the files from my digital voice recorder. Yes, I know, just sit at the computer and listen to the flippin' recorder, G.G. But it really was the principal of the thing because I'd just cleaned the office and I knew the disk had to be somewhere. It wasn't. I swear I'll type out those pages this weekend and get beyond that little bump in the road.


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