A little updating

Well, Saturday I sent off the first edits of The Lovely Kittengirls of New Orleans for my editor. I hope they were good enough. I have no fear of revising, but I think I am a terrible judge -- when it comes to my own work -- of what is good or enough.

Yesterday I did a little updating to my Web site. The background I've added is a picture, altered, of a Louisiana Iris. I also hope you like the new picture on the home page. Yes, that's me in my little maid's outfit. I also had to vacuum and scrub the floors in that to make my husband happy.

I'm well into my next manuscript, a little over half way. I hope to have it off to my editor by the end of October.

And of course, thanks to all my readers on Literotica. I didn't win the summer contest, but I will enter the Halloween one as well.


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