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Kitten Play

During Mardi Gras break 2009, I started work on a novel about kitten play. That is the sub-set of BDSM in which subs dress and act as cats and Doms as their owners/trainers/handlers. The idea came to me, much as it did our heroine in the story Margot, while watching a cat show on Animal Planet. It all seemed to translate so well to a sort BDSM burlesque anime mishmash in my head that I had to pursue the topic. At the time, after Googling all the possible purmutations, I had found no links to enthusiast sites.
Recently, however, I've started working on the novel again, hoping to finish it by next week. Now, there are quite a few sites, including a message board for enthusiasts. As I work through the remainder of this novel, I will be posting links and information about the topic. I hope you enjoy the information, and please look for my novel in the coming year, tentatively titled "The Lovely Kitten Girls of Mew Orleans" (and no, that is not a typo). =^..^=