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Still going at it...

Halfway through today! I've hit the end of chapter five, and over 15,000 words, so today marks the middle of the novella I'm working on. My beta reader is going through the partial. The biggest issue so far is anachronisms. We got in a fight as to whether or not a street jazz band in New Orleans in the 1920's would have a sousaphone.  They have them now...

Anyway, that should give you a little teaser as to what the story is about. I can't wait to finish it. I love writing historical fiction in general, and this is my first historical erotic romance, and it's so much fun playing with costumes, hairstyles, even the cars and music...

Working hard...

I'm plugging away at my latest novella, particularly suited for Loose Id, so I hope they like it. I'm a fourth of the way through, following my outline tightly and so far meeting my chapter length quotas. I will have to rename the book from the original title I had selected, since further research shows that my original title would not be historically accurate.

Anyway, I'm hoping to be done with a rough draft by next weekend, if I write as well as I have been these last two days.

Christmas Eve Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night we are having a scrumptious Christmas Eve dinner at our place. I expect to be sweating away in the kitchen all day, probably in a frilly little apron. We're making Oyster Rockefeller soup and a prime rib. Yum!

I've submitted Lilith's Daughter again. Also, I'm working on my new novella. It's not getting done as quickly as I would like, but that's okay. I should focus more on quality than speed.

Kittengirls will be out, still, 16 February. There's already a little suggestion that I should go ahead with a sequel. The sequel I have planned would deal with pony play, though, and I just don't have the funds to do the hands-on research I normally like to do for this sort of thing.

So Lax!

I've just been so lax, haven't I? Not posting for two weeks. How awful of me! Well, last weekend was my birthday, so I think I get a pass there. I had loads of fun, drinking mimosas all day Sunday and not writing a word. But I'm back now!

Right now I'm working hard on a submission for Loose Id. It will again be set in New Orleans, but in the Jazz Age, during Prohibition. I don't want to give too much away, but I think it will be a fun little jaunt.

And welcome to my new followers since last I looked in!

New Story

I'm pounding out a short story for an erotic horror anthology that I hope works out. I should probably finish it tonight if I stay focused.

So much happened this week. I found out I'll be taking pitches at EPICon in New Orleans in March. If you are an aspiring erotica writer, or an established one that will be attending the conference, and would like to have the opportunity for a Loose Id editor to hear your ideas, please make sure you sign up at the convention.

I've also volunteered to coordinate a "Reader's Retreat" at Coffee Time Romance for Loose Id authors and readers. I'll post more info when I have it. It should be a fun time for writers and readers to get together to discuss stories, ideas, and projects.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a safe and satisfying holiday. Don't forget to check out this blog tomorrow when I'll post an early holiday present for you: a sweet Yule fairytale.

I feel compelled to comment...

All of what I'm about to say is pretty much opinion, and I sincerely hope I haven't misrepresented anything. Most of you, if you follow industry news, know that Harlequin Romance, the name in romance, launched two new business models this week. One, an ebook label with a wider selection of sub-genres, and the other, and the other? A vanity press with some amazingly opulent packages. Some items you can pay for when you pay to have your book published are a movie-like trailer and a book tour liaison. The ebook company is Carina, and vanity is Horizons.

Most people in the industry, including big groups like RWA and SFWA, have denounced Harlequin for the Horizons plan. Most people are afraid that Harlequin will funnel its rejections to Horizon, thereby exploiting their dejected authors by giving them the hope that they can pay to publish.

Anyway, what I really think is that Harlequin should NOT have released these two concepts so closely together. Some people are wrapping the two …

Great idea!

I came up with a great story idea today. I'm not giving anything away, but it's going to be the next one I work on. Hopefully, it will be finished by the end of December. I'm going to start outlining as soon as I've finished up here.

I've decided to post my sweet, holiday fairy tale for you on Black Friday. I hope you'll take a break to read it on that oh-so-hectic day. In addition, become a follower on my blog in the month of November or December, and I'll enter you in a contest to win a $5 gift certificate from Loose Id! You'll be able to pick out something hot to keep you warm during those long winter months after the holidays.

Two stories up at Literotica

The first, "Under the Evergreen," is an entry in their holiday contest, so please go read it and vote. I could use the cash just in time for the holidays.

The other is a fun little erotic hook-up with a few kinks: "The Fifth Floor."

I hope you enjoy both, and stay tuned here for your sweet holiday present from me!


I got to see my coverart today for The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans. It is by Christine Griffin, and I have to say I am thrilled. It is really unique. Not at all what some of the other covers look like. I love the florals and the faux signage behind my name and title. I totally think this fits both the book and myself as a writer.

More ick...

Two rejections over the weekend. Sheesh. It's wearing me down. I think my stories are good, but evidently they're "not what we're looking for." Oh well. One is a holiday story I'll put up free for you here and on my site; the other will be up at Literotica and I'll let you know when it is live.

Otherwise, I did get two good novella ideas over the weekend. These should both be finished by the end of the year if I am lucky.

Good news, bad news...

So I had one story accepted. "The White Bride" will appear in an upcoming lesbian fairy tale anthology. This story is a mash-up of some old Japanese folktales. I'll keep you posted as more information becomes available. On the other hand, I had another story rejected today...

I worked on my very first book trailer today for The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans.  Here it is:

Waiting... waiting...

I have five submissions out right now that I'm waiting to hear on. It makes me nervous. To distract myself, I've decided to start working on a book video for The Lovely Kittengirls. I think that would be fun, and I saw this one from another author at Loose Id. It inspired me to try one of my own. I'll definitely post a link when it's done, but it might not be for a while.

Novella submitted

I finished the novella and ended up sending it to Samhain for a anthology, "Angels and Demons." I ended up calling the story "Lilith's Daughter." We'll see if they go for it. I forgot to number the pages in the manuscript. It was a total bone head move, but there's nothing I can really do about it but not worry. If it gets dinged for not meeting formatting, that's cool. I've done the same thing to manuscripts myself.

Now, I'm working on another holiday story for a Noble anthology. This one will be a lot sweeter and less hot than some of my other work, but I'm having fun writing it. It's set on Yule in Scandinavia.

Now to think of a title...

The novella is finished. My beta reader has it and will finish it today. Next weekend, revisions and then send it off to my editor. Problem is, I don't have a title for it. The Runaway Succubus? Too obvious. Lilith's DaughterThe "Cumming" Storm? Too punny. The Gathering Storm? That last one might work...

Meanwhile, I should really find something else to work on. I'm waiting to hear on a few titles out, but lesbian erotica. I think I should work on some BDSM stuff again. Maybe just a short story for my fans at Literotica.

Story sent!

I got my story finished and sent off, just in the nick of time. Deadline was tomorrow. What to do now...? I need to find another call, or dare I start revising that old bodice ripper? Hmm.

New Project

I started a short story today for another call I found, this one on Duotrope. The call is for fairy tales with a lesbian slant. I've done a mash-up of several traditional Japanese folktales, most notably "The Robe of Feathers" and "The Tongue Cut Sparrow." This is so much fun to write! I haven't done anything with source material like this in a really long time. I forget how much I like to work in the odd details and historic information. I knocked out 2300 words between my lunch break and my time at home tonight. I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

I told you...

I'd get it done, and sure enough, I finished my latest story today, coming in at just about 23000 words. Now it goes into beta reading. I can't wait to get it out!

Holiday-themed Story

I finished a little tale, "Beneath the Evergreen," for the Naughty and Nice anthology for Torquere Press. Fingers crossed they'll decide to accept for their holiday release.
I've already started to get into the feel of the holidays around here, though it is exceedingly difficult when the temperature is still in the 80's. I've have started burning apple spice candles -- a sure sign of fall -- and put out some fall-themed arrangements. I really need to dig out my wreath for the front door too. I decided on my Halloween costume: burlesque trapeze artist. I have that cute little velvet and fringed one piece from Lip Service, a black lace parasol, and some black flats. The right makeup... I can't wait to hit Frenchmen Street this year. I'll be sure to post some picture for you.
Today I also managed to pass the 20,000 word mark on my latest novella. I know I keep saying I'm going to get it done, and I think maybe today I actually will. Chapter nine and te…

Stepping Back...

I've decided to step back from the novella once again and focus on a short story this week. There's a call up at the Erotica Reader and Writer's Association Web site for holiday stories, and one popped right into my head. The deadline is 21 October, so I'm going to write that over the next couple of days.
The weekend should give me some time to work on the novella again. I got sidetracked because I decided to record some passages while I drove, but then I couldn't find the right software to download the files from my digital voice recorder. Yes, I know, just sit at the computer and listen to the flippin' recorder, G.G. But it really was the principal of the thing because I'd just cleaned the office and I knew the disk had to be somewhere. It wasn't. I swear I'll type out those pages this weekend and get beyond that little bump in the road.

Only two chapters to go...

I'm nearly finished with my next work, about three-quarters through with only two chapters left to fill the pages. It will be a short romp, just about twenty thousand words when finished. It should probably be out sometime after Kittengirls, though I'm not sure when it will be ready to submit.

Release of Kittengirls

Mark your calendars! Kittengirls is slated to release around Mardi Gras. Granted, the story is set in August, but it is by a New Orleans author (me) and set in New Orleans, so most of you will be looking for something to do with the City that Care Forgot come Fat Monday and Tuesday, 2010. Just remember to finish reading it before Ash Wednesday, because you won't be able to indulge in this particular sin during Lent.Laissez les bons temps rouler!

A little updating

Well, Saturday I sent off the first edits of The Lovely Kittengirls of New Orleans for my editor. I hope they were good enough. I have no fear of revising, but I think I am a terrible judge -- when it comes to my own work -- of what is good or enough.
Yesterday I did a little updating to my Web site. The background I've added is a picture, altered, of a Louisiana Iris. I also hope you like the new picture on the home page. Yes, that's me in my little maid's outfit. I also had to vacuum and scrub the floors in that to make my husband happy.
I'm well into my next manuscript, a little over half way. I hope to have it off to my editor by the end of October.
And of course, thanks to all my readers on Literotica. I didn't win the summer contest, but I will enter the Halloween one as well.

Domestic Servitude

Given the rain down here in the Deep South this week, the weather has finally cooled down enought to start doing a little baking and what not. I whipped up a batch of starter for sourdough, made a loaf of sandwich bread, and a pot roast is stewing as we speak.
In addition, I've been pretty much chained to my desk with work for Loose Id. I love getting new submissions, though, so I'm a happy little editor.
Finally, but next weekend, the edits for The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans should be done, and then it's waiting with baited breath for a release date.
In the meantime, please head over to Literoctica to read my stories there.

Story posted. Please vote!

My story, "The Panel Truck," is up at Please go and vote. I need twenty-five votes to qualify for the contest, and my rating is sadly low. Thanks!

Summer Contest at Literotica

I just posted a story in the summer story contest. As soon as it is approved, I'll put a link up here. It's short and sweet, and I hop you'll take the time to read it and vote. I need twenty-five votes for the contest.

Literotica story

I can't say enough how thrilled I am at everyone's kind notes and comments on "The Chemistry of Books." I certainly feel like I've found some fans there, and I will certainly try to continue creating stories with the same feel as this one. Right now, I'm working on a short of the Summer Lovin' contest; I'll let you all know when it is up.

Two pieces of excellent news!

First, I have another story up at Literotica. It has a lovely note that some reader has left. This story I wrote some years ago, so please read "The Chemistry of Books."
Second, I had a short story picked up by Girl Crush, an upcoming anthology of lesbian erotica being published by Cleis Press. My contract is in the mail tomorrow, and I'll keep you all up to date with any further news.

Working Away at Revisions Still

I'm on chapter four of my revisions. I do one a day on the weekends. I hope to have Kittengirls finished about midway through September. My editor with Loose Id wants it by October, but I think it's better to have it in early.
When that's done, I'll be able to finish another New Orleans-set erotic romance about a succubus and the shiftless layabout she loves. I've been working on that for quite some time. It will be nice to finish it.

Started Revisions on "Kittengirls"

Since I work as an editor, one would think I could perhaps glean the best way to fix my own work if giving a few specific points of revision. It really isn't that easy. Some points I'm supposed to work on are "Why is he attractive to her?" and "increase the emotional connection." Easy to say, but how does that look on the page when, in real life, we can't always explain or see those things? It's definitely a challenge. I try so hard not to rely on exposition or internal monologue. My hope is that I avoided it enough in the original version that I can use it to fill in the cracks in the revision.

Kittengirls accepted!

I got word last night that The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans was accepted by Loose Id publishers. It should be out by the beginning of next year. I'm thrilled. Loose Id was my first choice, obviously, so I couldn't be happier.

Still waiting...

No new news this week, sadly. My story at Literotica has only 13 votes and a score of 3.85 out of five. If you love me at all, you'll go read it and boost my score.

Weekly Report

I've got nothing going on right now. I'm just sitting on my hands, waiting on word from several publishers who have some short stories. I turned out a story for an anthology yesterday; 2500 words in the morning, reread and cut some stuff, tightened it up, and sent it off by afternoon. Did the same last weekend, too. I should probably try to keep myself to some kind of schedule of turning out kink.
I have had no further word on The Kittengirls. That could mean several things, so I'm not going to speculate at this point.

Publisher interested and story up

Just like that, a publisher has read my partial and requested the full version of my novella The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans. Hopefully, I'll know in a few weeks if they will bite. I sure hope they do.
In addition, my story "The Vessel" is now up here at This is a free story for anyone to read, but only if you're over eighteen, please.
Next week, I should have some kittengirl pictures to post!

Just wanted to let you know that the Web site is up, though it's fairly minimal. I intend to keep up with the blog more, but you'll be able to find complete listings of publications, links to the writers I've edited, and other information there.

Novella Finished!

Yes, yesterday around 3:30 I typed the final words of the manuscript, and my loving husband beta-reads it now. Hopefully, it will see print before the end of the year. I do admit that I cheated in the last chapter, but I wanted to badly to say, "It's done!" that made it about half as long as it ought to be.
This is not the first novella I've finished. It is the longest, and probably the one that has the best chance of getting published, so I'm pretty excited.
Today I sent off two stories, one to Literotica; I'll post a link if it gets posted. And another to a Lesbian erotica anthology I found on the Erotica Readers and Writers Web site. I have used this site for years to find calls for submissions, long before I even knew what Duotrope was, and it has a lot of great resources for enthisiasts.
Until next time...

Kitten Play

During Mardi Gras break 2009, I started work on a novel about kitten play. That is the sub-set of BDSM in which subs dress and act as cats and Doms as their owners/trainers/handlers. The idea came to me, much as it did our heroine in the story Margot, while watching a cat show on Animal Planet. It all seemed to translate so well to a sort BDSM burlesque anime mishmash in my head that I had to pursue the topic. At the time, after Googling all the possible purmutations, I had found no links to enthusiast sites.
Recently, however, I've started working on the novel again, hoping to finish it by next week. Now, there are quite a few sites, including a message board for enthusiasts. As I work through the remainder of this novel, I will be posting links and information about the topic. I hope you enjoy the information, and please look for my novel in the coming year, tentatively titled "The Lovely Kitten Girls of Mew Orleans" (and no, that is not a typo). =^..^=