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Salt and Strong Rum Two: Meet the Fin-Laws will release in April with Loose Id.

Captain Josephine Vaughn runs a charter fishing boat out of Pensacola Beach, Florida. Growing up mixed -- in more ways than one -- on the Redneck Riviera, where one could still buy rebel flag beach towels and flip-flops, she only ever felt she really fit in on the water, fishing with her father and later taking over his charter business. She’s perfectly content hosting the leisure anglers, enjoying the deep blue waters of the gulf, and then spending all their money at beachside dive bars. Her life is uncomplicated -- save for the occasional engine mishap, leak in the live bait tank, or spotting of her tail by drunk tourists -- and she’s not looking to shake anything up.

Cliff Brechner thinks he’s going for a simple bachelors’ weekend fishing trip with his soon-to-be-married best friend. He plans on a lot of beer, maybe a fight with a marlin, and falling asleep to the rocking of the boat. What he doesn’t figure on is falling for the captain of their charter boat, a gorgeous woman with light chocolate skin, dark chocolate eyes, and a secret he can’t believe.

What I'm Working On

Lord and Lady of Gray Oak
The sequel to Nessa of Cold Spring!

Nessa and Eirle have just tied the knot, but his brother pulls them away from home for a mission. They must travel to a distant land to secure grain for the coming fall. A land where women are treated as second-class citizens. Dara, Nessa’s older sister, joins them for the journey. What no one expects is to become embroiled in a plot of intrigue, secrecy, and attempted murder. Eirle’s shrouded past comes back to haunt him as an attempt is made on his life, and Nessa and Dara must work within the confines of Allanorian society to find the assassin while still solidifying a trade deal with Allanor’s court.


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