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"Nessa of Cold Spring" is new today!

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I used to write a lot of fantasy when I was a kid. I was big into sword and sandal comics, books, and movies. Conan the Barbarian was a favorite, as was the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce.

I sort of left my love of fantasy by the side of the road for many years in favor of science fiction, but recently I've delved back into it, and this light fantasy romance is the first fruits of my labors. I think more will probably follow, set in this world or others.

What's your favorite fantasy trope, readers? What do you absolutely have to have in a fantasy romance to love it?

Old Holiday Favorite

I have a new release coming out December 6, Nessa of Cold Spring, and it is decidedly a winter story, though not a holiday one.

Looking for something Christmasy in my back catalog?

I've got The Adoration of Addana, an IR romance set in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina.

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And here's the blurb:

It just doesn’t feel like the holiday season with her young boys still evacuated in Houston, but Addana Carmouche will make the best of it as she works to rebuild the home Hurricane Katrina destroyed only a few months earlier.

When Sergeant Aleister Colmes sees her on the street one day, he’s intrigued by the small, determined woman clearly living by herself in a place little better than a war zone. He takes it upon himself to look after her, and from that, something more develops.

Love grows as Christmas approaches and the neighborhood shows signs of a slow, painful rebirth. But will their relationship survive Colmes’s retirement? His old farmhouse in Nebraska becko…

Cover Art for "Nessa of Cold Spring"

Releases December 6 with Loose Id!

Rerelease of "The New Game"

I just rereleased "The New Game" on Smashwords. It's a m/m romp about a couple of card sharks. And for the next month, you can download it for half price! The code is NN22Z.

And here's the buy link:

Salt and Strong Rum Released Today!

And it's on sale right now!

New submission sent off today!

Nessa of Cold Spring went out to an editor today. It's a pretty short novella, but I've got an idea for a sequel I can turn out as well.

Nessa is a character I identify pretty closely with. She deals with societal expectations and not quite fitting into them. She's physically strong but emotionally still vulnerable. I hope, over the course of her stories (I have at least one more planned) that she'll find balance in work, love, and self-acceptance.

Fingers crossed her story will be picked up!

Re-releasing "The New Game"

Right now I'm working on a few little revisions to one of my old titles, "The New Game," which I'll be re-releasing later this month! It's a fun little M/M fling which will be available at many outlets thanks to Smashwords. Keep you eyes out here for a coupon code once it's available again.
I don't think I've even read this story myself in quite a few years. It's fun, and sort of inspiring, to look back over something I wrote a long time ago. I can still see myself in it, but it also really makes me see where I've changed and grown.

Hiatus Over?

A lot has gone on in my life since I last finished a novella or short story. I won't get into details, but moves, changes at work, and going back to school were all involved. There's one more move ahead, but then I'll be living with something of a cleared calendar and a load of obligations gone. I'm working now to get back into the habit of writing. As a result, I just finished a rough draft today of a mermaid erotic romance. I've done a couple of short stories dealing with shifters, mostly interpretations of specific myths. This is a little more playful, and I already have a sequel sort of outlined if the first book goes over well. Granted, this is not something epic, but it is nice to feel as if I've accomplished something after such a long absence from the scene. I don't have a title yet, but I do hope my readers will keep an eye on my Facebook and my blog. Also, I've rejoined Twitter with the new handle GGWritesErom. Look me up and follow, won't…