A Mardi Gras tradition

Well, today is the big day. I should be out, gathering with the marchers for St. Ann this morning, but instead I'm toasty and warm in my office, working. The sky outside is gray, and it rained most of yesterday. The idea of going out today, even for Mardi Gras, just seems...blah.

Sadly, Mardi Gras day means the end of king cake season. Don't know what that is? Read on to find out...

Mardi Gras Tradition

Down here we have something called “king cake.” It’s basically a giant cinnamon roll with icing and colored sugar on top. Traditionalists won’t eat it if it’s filled, but the cakes do come with anything you’d find in a danish: cream cheese, apple, pecan praline, Bavarian cream… The list goes on!

Supermarkets, bakeries, coffee shops…heck, even gas stations…find counter space for these for the season of Mardi Gras, 6 January to whatever day Fat Tuesday falls on. This year it’s 12 February.

The cakes range in size from enough to serve four people, to being able to serve two or three dozen. We bring them to work for a treat to share, to classes, to parties.

The worst part? If you find the small plastic baby in your slice of cake, you have to buy the king cake for the next gathering.

Here’s a recipe for one that I would trust: 

Don’t want to make it yourself? 


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