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Today I'm welcoming Symphony, to introduce is to his series, Office Fantasies. Leave a comment for the opportunity to win a $25 gift card from Amazon! Make sure to check out the excerpt and links at the end of the post.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, just to start off generally, I am a thirty-year-old single bachelor living in Atlanta, Ga. In addition to writing erotica, I am a music producer/engineer by trade. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Management with a concentration in marketing. Currently, I am launching Symphony Publishing, and the Office Fantasies Collection soundtrack titled “Ridin Muzic.”
Who did the cover? And how do you feel about the sheer...graphicness of it? I mean, boy, it doesn't leave a lot for the imagination, does it?

Fantasia Frog Designs completed the cover art and Casual Elegance Photography here in Atlanta, GA, provided me with the photo-shoot. The picture concept was entirely my idea. I love the cover; it speaks volumes about the main character Marcus. Reflecting his own sexual fetishes and fantasies, that being his raging leg and heel fetish, also his relentless oral fixation for Sydney.

The book cover is a snapshot image of Marcus's submissive and pleasing nature toward Sydney. The "graphicness" I felt was very appropriate, as a representation of the intense sexual relationship between Sydney and Marcus. From a marketing perspective, the cover has certainly helped with defining my target audience.
So can we judge this book by its cover?

You are absolutely right. I think over all I am a straight shooter personally and professionally. The stories contained inside of Office Fantasies are very descriptive, and graphic in nature. My writing puts you right there, with Marcus, almost as a voyeur reading in the between pages of a book. The cover has certainly been an attention grabber among my peers and fans of Office Fantasies.

More often than not, I always opt for the WOW factor with everything that I do. If you like your erotica hot and descriptive, with a twist of “reality book reading” then Office Fantasies “Cover Blown” surely is a definite read.

What made you decide to write erotica, and how long have you been at it?

Writing erotica for me started as flirting with one of my former coworkers, four years ago. I composed a story, painting a picture, of the night that I had planned for the two of us, and the pleasure that awaited her by the nights end.

Most women are blinded by my baby face and shy demeanor. Little do they know, I am a “sexual terrorist,” “igniting my weapons of mass destruction” upon the unsuspecting few. When my office fantasy became a reality, writing erotica for me became an obsession.

The beginning of "Cover Blown" basically states you are writing for women. Why did you choose to write for women? Do you think it is harder for a man to write erotica for women?

I found writing for women was a natural decision for me, considering how I began writing erotica for my own office fantasy. I am a very eligible bachelor, and rather active in the Atlanta dating scene. Women I meet always want to know what a man is thinking or what truly makes a man tick.

I hear so much about “he’s not that into you.” How about when a man is into you? I provide insight, through the character of Marcus, on what to look for when a man is into you. My writing gives you a front seat into the mind of a man, floored by simply the presence of his office fantasy.

I can only speak for myself, but I think writing for women is much easier for me. I have been lucky enough to experience a wonderful dream woman. One who tickled my fancy, from her smile to the scent of her strawberry hair conditioner. I find that I am more passionate about writing to and for women from a man’s perspective, rather than writing for the primarily visual nature of men.

Why did you choose to write erotic poetry? What do you think it brings to a story that prose can't?

Previously I had stated “I began writing as flirting with a co-worker.” The erotic poetry format is was how I chose to express myself. When I began editing my first story, I found a musical rhythm to my writing. The poetry format allows the story flow in a musical rhythm, in a way that prose does not.

You play a lot with conventions like punctuation and capitalization. Why?

I found with taking the independent route allows indie authors such as myself creative freedom when conveying a thought or an emotion. Writing with capitalizations in erotic scenes, for me, adds to the descriptive nature of the scenes.

What is your writing process like? What steps do you go through from conception of a story/ poem to publication?

Typically start with a feeling or an emotion, to determine the subject of my writing. I only choose feelings and subjects which I can passionately write about. Once the manuscripts are completed, I begin brainstorming about the cover.

To gain honest opinions, I submit my original manuscripts to a few friends and members of local book clubs. I use their input to improve the story and to gain a marketing perspective of my target audience.

What kinks or fetishes are your favorite to write about? Which would you love to tackle that you haven't?

I like to write about my own leg and heel fetish. I love the way that a woman’s leg shape in a variety of heels or the irresistible crossing of the legs. One fetish that I would love to tackle would be my curiosity with ménage a trios, the number of creative things I could write about with three bodies.

What is your next project?

Next on my agenda will be Office Fantasies II, and the final production of the Office Fantasies soundtrack. I have recently completed the remainder of the manuscripts, for the first edition of Office Fantasies. With the next releases named “Oral Pleasures,” “Conference Room,” and “Addicted,” to be released separately throughout 2012.

This blog will go up on February 29, Leap Day. What do you plan to do with your extra, "free" day this year?
I will be in Las Vegas promoting the print release of Office Fantasies and celebrating my birthday

I want to thank Goddess Fish Tours, and G.G. Royale for the opportunity to introduce myself and the Office Fantasies Collection.

Symphony is a closet freak whom lives his fantasies through his many alter ego's in this case the character of Marcus. Shy to the eye with a sexual appetite for two, or even three. Symphony is passionate in all that he does, priding himself on serving his woman with the ultimate experience of endless orgasmic pleasure. A sexual crusader if you will, on a journey to give the experience of a lifetime to the few unknowing women who fall to his baby face and shy demeanor.

Symphony carries himself as a passive and shy gentlemen. Giving women a false sense of security in the bedroom, if you know the conversation, ladies, "Don’t hurt 'em, girl."

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Symphony writes his own experiences coupled with fantasies of his just nasty mind. In the first installment of Office Fantasies "Cover Blown" Symphony’s stories will take you on a journey of sexual chemistry at its very best.


What is Office Fantasies?
Office Fantasies is a hot and steamy collection of erotic stories between two attractive coworkers, Marcus and Sydney. Marcus, “the cute new guy” who recently moved to Miami, seems to be the shy, quiet, mystery guy. Little does Sydney know, she has an insatiable, passionate, sexual terrorist in her presence.

In the first episode of Office Fantasies "Cover Blown," the obvious attraction between Marcus and Sydney has become the talk of the office. Every day the two of them flirt and tease each other, until the sexual tension finally explodes into the Perfect Chemistry. Parking decks, office bathrooms, and building elevators. This fantasy turned reality contains all the elements that make for a once in a lifetime sexual adventure for two.

Sydney and Marcus’s encounters will leave you breathless, wanting to know increasingly juicy details of their explosive sexual relationship in and outside of the office. Are you sleeping with your office fantasy?

Buckle your seats
And strap in
Because ladies
This is going to be
A really WET and
Explosive ride
I hope you have
You’re favorite
Toy near by
Because trust me
You will need it
Change your batteries
Lock your doors
Slide those panties
To the side
This fantasy
Is going to
Be a while
I’m sure
These encounters
Will have
Your bodies squirming
And dripping wet



  1. I'm curious...Is the whole book written in poetic form, or is poetry mixed in with prose/narrative? As G.G. observes, the cover is very graphic. I don't think there's any doubt for the reader about the book's contents!

    I love Atlanta, Symphony. I lived in Macon, GA for several years so went to Atlanta regularly for my shopping and culture fixes.


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