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Latest Synopsis Sent Out

I sent out the synopsis of my next story to my editor today. It's a gender-bending, BDSMing, hard-partying M/M erom that I hope I nail big time! I'm almost afraid of even starting it because I totally want to do justice to the character I have in my head, Mistress Fanny Ferula, the Caning Queen of Cleveland. She is the most daring, dominating, drag queen domme you can imagine who wins the heart of timid little Gel from Kittengirls and My Two Doms. I actually haven't been this invested in a concept since Kittengirls, and that has been to date my most well received story, so I'm hopeful I can bring the same panache to this.

In the mean time, I'm finally reading one of the Gor books. I've never done this, and from what I've heard they are mostly geared to adolescent boys, but I like the old heavy metal fantasy, and the covers on these tend to be hot in that Conan style, so I'll give the first one a go. I know there are a lot of them.

I'm also doing som…

Sweetheart Submission Part Two

Here is the conclusion of "Sweetheart Submission":

Lanie stood there in her lavender, hot-pants romper and stared. How could Vito do this to her? Every glitter-lidded eye in the crowded club trained on her, and everyone expected her to join him on the stage.

But her feet seemed stuck to the floor, like a rat in a glue trap. If she could just gnaw off her feet... She couldn’t say no to Vito, though, and she finally forced herself to approach the stage.

The air turned to gelatin as she walked. She used everything she had in her to move through the thickness. After what seemed like many long, syrupy-thick hours, she stood just in front of the stage. Why am I so nervous? I’ve scened with him all the time. Spanking, St. Andrew’s cross, flogging... She’d done everything, but she never felt dread like this before.

Vito reached down to her, and she took his hand. He pulled her onto the stage and turned her around for the crowd. Lanie felt her cheeks burn as hoots and whistles sounded fr…

Sweetheart Submission Part One

In case you missed it in my newsletter, here is part one of my Valentine's Day story. Part two will post Sunday...

Someone had left a single candy heart on her keyboard, perched right on the H key. It said, “My way.” Or what? Lanie picked it up between thumb and forefinger and dropped it into her wastebasket. She hated those things, even more the idea that someone else had touched it first. They tasted like medicine, chalky and dry medicine. Why anyone thought they were sexy or romantic was beyond her. She wouldn’t even waste time trying to figure out who in the office had left the heart. She didn’t find any of them attractive anyway. Besides, this was work, not a place to pick up flings.
When she came back from her lunch break, another one sat in the exact same place. This one said, “All mine.” The possessive suggestion caused a little flutter in Lanie’s chest, but she quickly pushed it aside and threw that heart away too. This was ridiculous.
“I hate Valentine’s Day,” she said.
The …