Would you like to write for Loose Id?

A new call for submissions just went out, and it's active until August of next year. It definitely has already sparked some ideas in my head. Here's a look at the call. I hope you submit!

Whether it's James Bond in Monte Carlo or Batman on the rooftops of Gotham, women (and men!) love a man with an air of intrigue about him. Secrets are sexy; they're the black lingerie of the mind. Give us just the tiniest hint and we will lean all the way forward across the table for just one tiny hint more. 
This fall, Loose Id's looking to capture that allure with a collection of surprising and suspenseful stories of these men and the lovers who get them to tell all Bring us your spies and undercover cops, your SEALS and assassins, your con men and bodyguards, your jewel thieves and the detectives who hunt them. 
We're looking for novel length stories of 55,000 to 75,000 words of mystery and romantic suspense where the romance and the sex play an integral role in the story. Think Linda Howard, Suzanne Brockman, J.D. Robb, but sexier, made for Loose Id. Heterosexual and lgbt are both welcomed. In particular, we're looking for BDSM, I/R, menage, and we'd like to see a strong m/f showing. Accepting now through August 2011. 

Contact Submissions@loose-id.com with a synopsis and partial unless you already have an established LI editor and note this is for Men of Mystery in the introduction.


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