Sweet New Memory by Ralph Greco Jr.

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A Sweet New Memory

By Ralph Greco Jr.

You can’t play with the past.

You can trick your memory, hide some evidence, burn pictures even, but the past “be what it be,” and no matter how much you try to disregard or forget, stuff still leaks through. When I saw those damn legwarmers at the dancewear outlet, my past came back to bite me on the ass. And seeing how I had just begun to date Stu again, my first-ever boyfriend, the sight of the legwarmers brought a memory blush to my high cheekbones. I had to run clear cross the store to hide from my daughter, Stephanie.

 My friends and I were a lot less sexually aware then teenage girls today; Stephanie wears her jeans so low not a single boy in her high-school exists who couldn’t tell you the color of her thong on any given day. My girlfriends and I never knew from thongs, let alone could have imagined wearing them, so for us, legwarmers were part of our weak attempt to be sexy way back in the day: dress a little naughty but not show anything, really. It’s kind of hot wearing something that would hug your legs and make your ass all that much more noticeable, like wearing thigh-highs, but with jeans underneath. My boyfriend, Stu, and every other guy I knew loved when we wore the legwarmers, precisely because they did hug our legs and make our asses all that much more noticeable.

Two days later, I was sneaking the legwarmers out of the house for my date with Stu.

It was a thrill that fate dropped Stu and me at exactly the same place…albeit twenty-five years later. Both divorced, still attractive and attracted to one another, and living close enough we could manage rendezvous; we had done so four times. It really felt serendipitous, and if our making-out hadn’t felt so god-awful hot so far, I would think this all a dream. I was finding a chasm of difference between the desperate, all-too-quick friction a teenage boy can manage as opposed to the movements a forty year-old man has learned.

It was also deeply heartwarming back in the arms of the first guy I ever loved, a quarter of a century later.

I pecked Stu’s cheek, as he opened the door wide to my knock.

“Hi,” I mumbled moving past him to the bottom of the stairway that led up stairs.

“Give me five then come up, okay?” I threw over my shoulder to the man’s dimpled smile then ran up the ten steps.

I had no trepidation about what was obviously about to happen, had been pretty much masturbating over the thought for the past two days, and would stop at nothing now to model for Stu. I turned the corner then walked to the last room down the hallway where I knew his bedroom to be. Throwing my big bag on his bed, I found and flicked on the lights, then sat on the edge of Stu’s four-poster to rummage through my big bag. Sitting back, wiggled my jeans down my freshly shaved, legs while kicking off my sneakers, pulled down and off my already wet panties, lifted off my sweater, then bra, and proceeded to re-dress. When I heard Stu’s footfall, I was standing facing the far corner of his dark small room, naked, expect for three-inch heels and those nasty, wonderful, nostalgic legwarmers.

“So?” I asked Stu’s paneled bedroom wall, standing stock still on my three-inch pumps, my taut, thick legs spread.

“Shit,” Stu exclaimed as he stood in the doorway of his bedroom.

“Surprised?” I announced, not looking over my shoulder…yet.

The floor creaked as he came into the room, and I quickly felt him behind me. I couldn’t tell how close he was, figuring Stu might be trying to spy around my side to get a look at my big breasts -or at the very least admiring the legwarmers, but for just then he kept his distance. It had indeed been a quarter of a century since this guy saw me bare-assed and I had to steel all my nerve to keep from shaking as Stu stood there inspecting me.

“I didn’t even know they made those anymore,” he said, and I sensed him take another step to me. This only caused the already tight little flood between my legs to increase, and I repositioned my heels to stop myself from arching my ass even further.

As much as I ached for Stu to touch me, touch me anywhere, I was complimented that he obviously still liked what he saw enough not to just yet.

“You are really something,” he said and then -- to my sudden shock and delight -- I felt his lips on my ass! “Wider,” I heard from under me as Stu obviously knelt there behind me, placing a hand to the inside of each of my thighs, rubbing the material of the legwarmers as if to really assure himself I wore them. “Wider,” he whispered again as I spread to comply and felt Stu kiss, then nuzzle right under my cheeks, so close to my flooding pussy it was all I could do to stand there. I was incredibly turned-on, not just from what Stu was doing to me physically, but how he managed such a subtle command of this situation. Here I was thinking that I was leading the seduction with my modeling and legwarmer surprise, but Stu didn’t even seem to be thrown off balance in the slightest.

Back in high school just the sight of me dressed like this would have made Stu come in his pants.

Teetering a bit, I sighed and looked down to watch Stu wiggle and turn himself into position, ducking through my legs on his ass, his face turned into me, his mouth right in front of pussy.
“Really…” he began, leaned in, and kissed me right on my thin strip of brown hair. “Really…” Kiss. “Really...” This time he lean his chin back, sat down hard, and lapped between the silk of my lips as I opened up for him. “Really something,” he finished, rolled up to me, cupped a hand around the front of each legwarmer, and pulled me to him.

Stu began eating me then as I stood and shook. Standing over him while he lapped at me, opened me, pushed up into me with his entire mouth, I felt slightly nervous how quickly I felt that clutch in my belly. I was a minute, even less from coming and as I placed my hands to the top of his head, balanced as best I could, I felt my pussy open to the magic Stu was performing with his tongue.

“Sta…Stu,” I managed literally rocking in his face as the man below simply grabbed my legs tighter and thrust his tongue up and in me. This sudden, wet intrusion made me bear down, spread my legs ever so slightly, and come. Come hard and final on this man who used to be a boy who seemed to still like legwarmers.


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