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The Return of the Rainbow

Here's a little Halloween erotic flash for you.

Warnings: zombie/ human sex, feasting on human flesh (of screen), obscure references to Argentinian politics of the 1950s.

The Return of the Rainbow By G.G. Royale The embalmers had done an impeccable job preserving Eva Peron, and despite the many adventures her corpse had had in the decades since her death, she still looked beautiful. Frank inhaled and smelled the honey aroma of beeswax and the spicier, more mysterious scents of the arcane ingredients used to keep her looking young and supple. He had loved Evita ever since he’d seen the musical as a child. Once he’d made enough of a fortune to start doing silly thing with it, he’d vowed to buy her. Today, she’d arrived. He stepped away from the shipping crate that cradled her glass coffin. The heels of his handmade oxfords clicked on the marble floor. His gaze met the eyes of the man who had promised to bring her back. “Do what needs to be done,” Frank told him. Longfellow Jal steepled hi…

New Release from Cherise!

Okay, I'm one lucky editor to have Cherise Sinclair in my line-up at Loose Id. Today, she's got another hot story releasing, and I just love the title. Here's the blurb: On the mountain, the watcher seeks out evil women. And then they die. Two years ago, when Jake Hunt uncollared his slave, she committed suicide. Guilt-ridden, he will commit to a woman for one night only, devoting his energy to a mountain lodge that caters to a BDSM crowd. Kallie Masterson is tough. Unwanted as a child, she worked hard to become a wilderness guide. She’s proud of who she is, and hurt that Jake frowns on her for acting like a man. After rescuing the macho guide from a bar fight, Jake is stunned that the ugly men’s clothing hides a warm, responsive woman. A submissive woman. When guide business brings her to the lodge on BDSM night, and she is obviously aroused by the play, Jake takes the little sub right into his world of pain and pleasure. He warns her: one night only. But she responds so beaut…

My Two Doms releases tomorrow!

My Two Doms
Follow up to The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleans Get it on 19 October at
Haley has been seeing two very different doms, and they both made her happy in their own way. Gregory...older, calm, and willing to show her off. And Jason, a possessive and fiery younger man. When the two men finally meet up, Haley realizes she doesn’t want each man on separate nights anymore; she wants both of them together! But the two doms are so different -- and so often at each other’s throat -- that she doubts she can have what she desires. Will a surprise weekend together help the men bond or just cause more conflict?

"The New Game" accepted by Dreamspinner!

I was thrilled Thursday to learn that Dreamspinner will release my novella, The New Game! As of now, it looks as if it will come out on 29 December, so I hope you'll designate a little of your Christmas money for that. This one will eventually be available at Amazon too, so you could always ask for Amazon gift cards.

The New Game will be my second M/M ebook to release with Dreamspinner Press, and I hope many more will follow.

Now, back to work on my next I/R BDSM project.

Jake’s Alchemy by G.G. Royale - A Night Owl Reviews Book Review

Jake’s Alchemy by G.G. Royale - A Night Owl Reviews Book Review What a wonderful review!
Yes, more M/M is to come. The New Game is currently under consideration with one publisher, and I do think I'd like to dig a little deeper in Desi and Jake's relationship. Maybe once they get to Fiji some adventure may befall them... Hadn't thought about it, but now the wheels are turning!

Next Project!

I finally decided on my next project! I got the idea last week, fleshed it out, and sent an outline to my editor at Loose Id. I'm going to make it my NaNoWriMo project for this year. The gist of it is a spoiled princess/ control freak gets her own football team and the dominant, bad-boy tight-end teaches her a few things about submission. Yes, the hero may resemble Jeremy Shockey just a smidge. We are all allowed our fantasies once in a while, right?

This should appeal to both my BDSM and my IR fans. I'll keep you updated on progress as I begin, but that won't be for a couple of weeks yet.

In the meantime, make sure to pick up My Two Domswhen it comes out on 19 October. The coming soon page is up, but you're just going to have to wait a little bit longer for more details.

Michelle Picard Today at Kink, Romance, and Writing!

Michelle Picard, author of Surviving Eden, joins me today... Check after the interview for a blurb and an excerpt from the story.
G.G.:Tell me about the Quirky Ladies. What's it like having a support group like that? Being able to celebrate each other's successes? Helping each other? How did your group form?
M: Finding the Quirky Ladies is one of the best pieces of luck I ever received. I met the other ladies at my local Romance Writers’ chapter. We each wrote different sub-genres of romance and needed the extra critiquing support. But what we found when we started meeting was a way to support each other on a larger level. We cheer each other on, bemoan each others’ real life struggles and mundane arch enemies, get silly, brainstorm stories, and celebrate each others successes. We love to head out to our favorite sushi restaurant and toast away with quirky-tinis and lots of laughter. There is nothing better than support from both fellow writers and girlfriends and I have both in…