Be One of the First!

"A Hot Summer's Day" is available on Kindle now through the Amazon Kindle store! This BDSM short has been released by New Line Press. I know I've already said it, but I totally loved this cover art.

I wrote this story a long time ago and just sort of sat on it. I'm not sure why I didn't submit it sooner, but the people at New Line have been so classy to work with that, when they wanted something else from me, I knew this would be the one to send along. I was glad I could offer them something hot.

I think I could follow it up with another victim stopping in at Gina's...maybe two this time. I wonder what she'd do with a couple? Or maybe a carload of frat boys? Or maybe a couple of other girls on a road trip?

Heck, I'll probably get around to all of them!

In other news, I'll have a story up at tomorrow, so you should check that out too. Read the freebie, and then buy the ebook. Make a G.G. sort of day.


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