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Oi! I've been such a slacker.

I can totally explain why I haven't posted a blog in a while. Last weekend, I took a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, to see Elvis Costello, which was really quite awesome. Then Sunday afternoon I had an event to attend.

I guess the main reason I've been reluctant to post is that I got a revise and resubmit this week. Different from a rejection, but still a bit of a sting. Coincidentally this week, I found "The Rejection Queen" blog. There's debate on the Web as to whether this is real or not. I'm not sure if she is doing it to be funny or if she is really that bitter. Some people offered her advice in the comments, and she laughs it off, so I'm thinking it must be something of a satirical farce.

But in response to that, I sort of decided to start talking about some of my own rejections, and how I react to them. I'm not going to "out" the publishers or editors like she does, but I will hopefully give some sound advice in relation to how to deal …

First three chapters finished!

The first three chapters of Another Kittengirl: My Two Doms were finished today. They just need a little polish and revision. I can't wait to get them off to my editor!

This year seems to just be going by so fast. In another few weeks, The Flapper and the Fellow will release. I have to say my heart was really in that story.

So far I've had two submissions of flash and poetry for my newsletter, so if you are subscribed, you should see some interesting new work in May's newsletter. If you're not subscribed, hit the link to the right and just do it already!

Interview with Cherise Sinclair

This interview was originally released in my newsletter yesterday. If you aren't subscribed, visit here to sign up! I've still got plenty of slots to fill before the prizes will be given away.

An Interview with Erotic Romance Writer Cherise Sinclair
I was fortunate enough to find Club Shadowlands in my inbox one morning in 2008 from the submissions coordinator at LooseId. As an editor, I often read and accept things based on what the market wants, not necessarily what I want. Shadowlands, however, appealed to me on a personal level as well. Ever since, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cherise as an editor and a reader. Sometimes I feel bad that I get free copies of all of her Loose Id stories!
Now, here's the interview:
GG: It seems as if, right from the beginning with Loose Id, you and your writing took center stage, and you appear fairly comfortable in the role. Your work has had a great reception from readers, critics, and contest judges. To what …