I feel compelled to comment...

All of what I'm about to say is pretty much opinion, and I sincerely hope I haven't misrepresented anything. Most of you, if you follow industry news, know that Harlequin Romance, the name in romance, launched two new business models this week. One, an ebook label with a wider selection of sub-genres, and the other, and the other? A vanity press with some amazingly opulent packages. Some items you can pay for when you pay to have your book published are a movie-like trailer and a book tour liaison. The ebook company is Carina, and vanity is Horizons.

Most people in the industry, including big groups like RWA and SFWA, have denounced Harlequin for the Horizons plan. Most people are afraid that Harlequin will funnel its rejections to Horizon, thereby exploiting their dejected authors by giving them the hope that they can pay to publish.

Anyway, what I really think is that Harlequin should NOT have released these two concepts so closely together. Some people are wrapping the two things up, and ebooks and vanity publishing are not the same. Yet they seem to blend together in the conversations at times, and people are coming out against Carina, which is perfectly viable venue in concept for publishing. I'm not sure how Harlequin will run things, but ebooks give authors more involvement in all areas of the publishing experience, giving us more power. We may not see the returns that New York authors get, but ebook writers can make royalties and even advances, and more and more are becoming big names in their genres.

So basically, while Horizons will probably end up looking like every other vanity press, making money off the writers rather than the readers, Carina could have been a sound idea if it hadn't gotten wrapped up in the whole mess. I guess we'll have to see what happens after this...


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