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Novella submitted

I finished the novella and ended up sending it to Samhain for a anthology, "Angels and Demons." I ended up calling the story "Lilith's Daughter." We'll see if they go for it. I forgot to number the pages in the manuscript. It was a total bone head move, but there's nothing I can really do about it but not worry. If it gets dinged for not meeting formatting, that's cool. I've done the same thing to manuscripts myself.

Now, I'm working on another holiday story for a Noble anthology. This one will be a lot sweeter and less hot than some of my other work, but I'm having fun writing it. It's set on Yule in Scandinavia.

Now to think of a title...

The novella is finished. My beta reader has it and will finish it today. Next weekend, revisions and then send it off to my editor. Problem is, I don't have a title for it. The Runaway Succubus? Too obvious. Lilith's DaughterThe "Cumming" Storm? Too punny. The Gathering Storm? That last one might work...

Meanwhile, I should really find something else to work on. I'm waiting to hear on a few titles out, but lesbian erotica. I think I should work on some BDSM stuff again. Maybe just a short story for my fans at Literotica.

Story sent!

I got my story finished and sent off, just in the nick of time. Deadline was tomorrow. What to do now...? I need to find another call, or dare I start revising that old bodice ripper? Hmm.

New Project

I started a short story today for another call I found, this one on Duotrope. The call is for fairy tales with a lesbian slant. I've done a mash-up of several traditional Japanese folktales, most notably "The Robe of Feathers" and "The Tongue Cut Sparrow." This is so much fun to write! I haven't done anything with source material like this in a really long time. I forget how much I like to work in the odd details and historic information. I knocked out 2300 words between my lunch break and my time at home tonight. I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

I told you...

I'd get it done, and sure enough, I finished my latest story today, coming in at just about 23000 words. Now it goes into beta reading. I can't wait to get it out!

Holiday-themed Story

I finished a little tale, "Beneath the Evergreen," for the Naughty and Nice anthology for Torquere Press. Fingers crossed they'll decide to accept for their holiday release.
I've already started to get into the feel of the holidays around here, though it is exceedingly difficult when the temperature is still in the 80's. I've have started burning apple spice candles -- a sure sign of fall -- and put out some fall-themed arrangements. I really need to dig out my wreath for the front door too. I decided on my Halloween costume: burlesque trapeze artist. I have that cute little velvet and fringed one piece from Lip Service, a black lace parasol, and some black flats. The right makeup... I can't wait to hit Frenchmen Street this year. I'll be sure to post some picture for you.
Today I also managed to pass the 20,000 word mark on my latest novella. I know I keep saying I'm going to get it done, and I think maybe today I actually will. Chapter nine and te…

Stepping Back...

I've decided to step back from the novella once again and focus on a short story this week. There's a call up at the Erotica Reader and Writer's Association Web site for holiday stories, and one popped right into my head. The deadline is 21 October, so I'm going to write that over the next couple of days.
The weekend should give me some time to work on the novella again. I got sidetracked because I decided to record some passages while I drove, but then I couldn't find the right software to download the files from my digital voice recorder. Yes, I know, just sit at the computer and listen to the flippin' recorder, G.G. But it really was the principal of the thing because I'd just cleaned the office and I knew the disk had to be somewhere. It wasn't. I swear I'll type out those pages this weekend and get beyond that little bump in the road.