Novella Finished!

Yes, yesterday around 3:30 I typed the final words of the manuscript, and my loving husband beta-reads it now. Hopefully, it will see print before the end of the year. I do admit that I cheated in the last chapter, but I wanted to badly to say, "It's done!" that made it about half as long as it ought to be.

This is not the first novella I've finished. It is the longest, and probably the one that has the best chance of getting published, so I'm pretty excited.

Today I sent off two stories, one to Literotica; I'll post a link if it gets posted. And another to a Lesbian erotica anthology I found on the Erotica Readers and Writers Web site. I have used this site for years to find calls for submissions, long before I even knew what Duotrope was, and it has a lot of great resources for enthisiasts.

Until next time...


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