They say opposites attract -
if they can manage to stay alive THE STUFF OF LEGEND GRETA VAN DER ROLSeries: Ptorix Empire # 5
Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Space Opera
Publisher: Pronoun
Publication Date: January 25, 2017Add to Goodreads When history professor Olivia Jhutta receives a distress call from her parents, she sets out into space with their business partner, her grandmother and injured Confederacy Admiral Jak Prentiss to find them. But she’s not the only one interested in the Jhutta’s whereabouts. The Helicronians believe Olivia’s parents have found an ancient weapon which they can use to wage war on the Confederacy. Jak goes on the trip to fill in time while he’s on enforced leave, helping Olivia follow cryptic clues in what he considers an interplanetary wild goose chase in search of a fairy story. But as the journey progresses and legend begins to merge with unsettling fact, Olivia and Jak must resolve their differences and work together if they are to survive. The two are…
From Award-Winning, Bestselling Author
Anna DurandA spunky girl. A sexy sylph.
The fate of two worlds rests in their hands.THE MORTAL FALLSANNA DURANDSeries: Undercover Elementals, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Publication Date: March 24, 2017Add to GoodreadsA pragmatic human thrown into a world of magic...Lindsey Porter fled from her traumatic past, determined to lay low, but now someone has framed her for murder. The quest for answers leads her into a parallel realm where magic reigns, and with a hostile sheriff and a shapeshifting assassin on her trail, she must place her life in the hands of a seductive, supernatural man who tempts her like no one else.An immortal sylph enslaved by magic...Nevan is trapped by a desperate bargain struck a century earlier, yet the beautiful, spirited Lindsey has enticed him to abandon his magically enforced duty. As forbidden passion flares between them, they'll risk everything to uncover the truth and find what they b…
Unveiling a brand new cover SEDUCING SENSEI by S.N. McKibbenGenre: MM Romance

Publication Date: March 31, 2017Add to Goodreads Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it—in all the wrong places. A professional teacher by day, Moriel learns that students can sometimes be the best teachers. Two of his students, Scott and Itsuma, share similar interests. Emotions flare as Itsuma challenges "Mr. Reis's" authority. After Moriel harshly disciplines him in front of the entire class, Itsuma wants a piece of his wounded pride back. Scott Cooper watches his homeroom teacher with dreamy eyes, but also feels loyalty for his smoldering friend and classmate, Itsuma Karter. The heated conflict begins a fiery battle between the two. As this passion translation becomes a lustful tale, a surprising 'hot for teacher' story becomes a love affair, and a passionate adventure. This venture out of the ordinary for the two students, allows them entrance into a world of erotic confessions, ta…

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Musings on the role of family in my novellas

I come from a pretty small family. I was an only child, and my parents both lived several hours' drive from their families, so often it was just the three of us. I didn't have very close relationships with my first cousins, even. One set of grandparents lived in Mexico half the year -- the half that included Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas -- so there was always distance there too.

I like to play around with family a lot in my novellas. Sometimes, in the form of an overbearing brother, like inLeBon Dom.

Sometimes it's creating strong parent/child relationships, like Josephine and Josiah in Salt and Strong Rum.

Josiah is Josephine's only parent who's present. He's raised her, given her a trade in their charter boat business, and is basically all the support she has in the world... until she meets Cliff. And, of course, Josiah is the one to convince her to go after Cliff when she doubts the possibility that she can love and be loved.

In Meet the Fin-Laws …

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I used to write a lot of fantasy when I was a kid. I was big into sword and sandal comics, books, and movies. Conan the Barbarian was a favorite, as was the Alanna series by Tamora Pierce.

I sort of left my love of fantasy by the side of the road for many years in favor of science fiction, but recently I've delved back into it, and this light fantasy romance is the first fruits of my labors. I think more will probably follow, set in this world or others.

What's your favorite fantasy trope, readers? What do you absolutely have to have in a fantasy romance to love it?